Abhishek Shukla , the young digital influencer says digital world is going to be a new earning hub for youth

In the current global pandemic, one can easily find themselves stuck in a social media and internet cycle. It's easy to just laze around and scroll until eternity. Instead this one guy decided to use this internet overload as an opportunity to get a source of income in these trying times. 
Meet Abhishek Shukla, A Successful Entrepreneur.

Abhishek Shukla is a 19-year-old Digital Marketer & popular Blogger from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Digital Marketing is the new emerging trend in the country which is attracting a lot of youngsters who are willing stand on their feet and become independent. The nature of the job might be very convenient and easily accessible compared to other jobs but it does require hard-work, talent and skill. Abhishek says,“In today’s world,everybody wants to earn money. Some might need it to fulfill their needs while others want it for their passion. This is why Digital / Social Media marketing is very attractive and enticing to the youth as they can choose it as a part-time job or a full time one and earn enough money by just working from home using only their mobiles or laptops. The competition in the field is very low ,so there’s good chance even newcomers can achieve their goals and chance of success is high. Many people in the country are choosing Digital Marketing as a full-time profession and making tons of money everyday.” . He seems to be very confident about the future of this field in this country.

Abhishek has also handled several high market value web portals. He also handles many Facebook pages of celebrities, internet personalities and political leaders (Abhishek doesn’t want the to publicize their names due to privacy-related concerns). Abhishek also does social media promotions and is interested in web designing. He undertook the responsibility of training several youngsters in Digital Marketing and wants to pass down the knowledge he has about the field. He believes ‘every youth should earn something’ and should lessen the burden on their parents.He wants to challenge the social norms in the country, and wants the youth to earn even before their graduation.

Even though he's rooted in a small town in UP, Abhishek didn, 't let that prevent from in branching out into the digital world. He has earned a name in the demanding digital marketing industry, and he inspires many youngsters like him not to let the canopy hinder their growth.