Adani Carmichael Coal and Railway Project: Connecting dots to chart Australia’s coal mining prospects

The 200 km narrow-gauge rail project is set to connect the 10-million ton per annum Adani Carmichael mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal through existing rail infrastructure

The coal mining sector in Australia seems to be heading in the right direction with the government giving approvals to several projects that could boost the production and supply of thermal coal in the nick of time. One such example is the Adani Carmichael Coal and Railway Project in Queensland, the second most populous state in Australia. The 200 km narrow-gauge Carmichael Rail project is set to connect the 10 million-ton per annum Carmichael mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal through the existing rail infrastructure.

Adani Railway Project will allow Bravus, a subsidiary of Adani Group, to export quality Queensland coal faster from Adani Carmichael coal mine to meet the global demand for coal. Bravus Mining and Resources is using Australian materials and contractors to benefit the country’s economy through seamless revenue generation and job creation. Australian companies Martinus and BMD are finishing the civil construction works on the rail line at this stage. The project will include girders and concrete culverts to be developed along central Queensland.

The number of jobs and business opportunities created by the coal mine and railway project for enterprises along the supply chain is significant for Queenslanders. Together, both the projects can boost the region's economy in the long run. The completion of the railway in 2021 will open the Galilee Basin for further development, creating new jobs and business opportunities for the locals. It would also open the doors for other coal mines in the Galilee Basin, which is one of the largest proposed expansions of mining on the planet.

It is an emerging economic corridor with a huge potential. Spread across an area of around 247,000 square kilometres, the Galilee basin is located nearly 200 kms west of the Bowen Basin. It is only behind Western China, forming the second biggest fossil fuel expansion in the world. The basin is majorly known for Adani Carmichael coal mine that is projected to open the corridor for numerous economic activities, along with the production of thermal coal. The coal mine has already produced 1500 direct jobs and is also expected to produce 6,750 indirect jobs, besides playing an important role to cushion the state's economy during the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic, saving the day for many mid-sized business and skilled workforce.

Adani Railway Project could play a pivotal role in pacing up the long procedure of procuring coal from the mines and supplying the same to the end-users. The project would not only prove to be helpful for the Adani Carmichael coal mine but the future projects as well, owing to the importance of flagging off such a crucial deal in the current market scenario. 

At this juncture, the Adani Railway Project boats a capacity of 40 mtpa with maximum loaded speed of 80km/hr. The project is set to generate about 1,200 construction jobs. The rail infrastructure will be capable of transporting 60 million tons of coal per year, playing a crucial part in charting the future of coal mining in Queensland and Australia at large.

On the other hand, the construction of the Carmichael Project is under process since June 2019 and the coal mine is all set to start the production in 2021.