Alfred Endaya Akogu, fondly known as Skaa, the emerging rap music artist

Music and its style have never taken a step back to amaze us. It’s a relaxation of mind and heart which helps us to see our true selves. Artists have been showcasing their talent in this field since long and have presented the world with a list of mind-blowing hits. Hip-hop is one such style which has been a trend since long, but today it has taken over the world by with a mix of melody and rap. One such artist who is seen to be presenting the world with a new flavour of delight is Skaa or Alfred Akogu. His tracks have been reaching out widely with the ongoing increase in numbers with the followers and views. Skaa is a hip-hop/rap artist whose work doesn’t just represent art but showcases a strong self-confidence possibly is an inborn art of being a natural-born rapper. His ideas started from Manila, Philippines and now rule the world by having created a wonderful journey to New York. His work is truly a lead over other outgrowing names on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Tidal, etc.

He claims his self-belief which lets him drip cool making a remarkable journey on the map of Hip-Hop and its line. His works line and journey of hit songs like Kilimanjaro, Escape, Tel Aviv, Come Thru, About it and Vibin are, among the one reaching all around and showing the new form of storytelling, an art which is possessed by rare. Skaa is never tough to talk and one such talk revealed along with the idea behind his finest of art. He said, “Life has an extra-ordinary means to help you claim out yourself. It depends on you, what line you choose. I took a start of claiming around from what I see and what people don’t. I took the streets, the state, the family, the broken-unbroken dreams, etc and started describing. Now not all might be a leader at same but for sure there is within everyone a form which is meant to be discovered. Well, I did mine and I stand here connecting through words and ideas. I wish all those journeys which make a start, continue well.”
His words have a sense of care just like his work which began from Escape and hold our hearts till Come Thru and Tel Aviv, in 2019. The eclectic style boom-bap beat he carries is the one to get through all. His tender nature which is neither too relaxed or nor too eager is something that separates him from others. Among all the appreciators he carries around, they claim his work to be a reflection of time vested individual who rose through obstacles and challenges and still outgrows his melodic rapping. The infectious work he presents, well that have already made people go wow and the results of same can be seen with 800,000 followers on Spotify, 1 million followers on Soundcloud, 11.9 k subscribers on his Youtube channel, 27.3k followers on Instagram, and still growing around on other social media platforms winning hearts.

Skaa has been one of the favourite rising stars of the crowd who love Hip-Hop. For them, his work brings along varied elements of Hip-Hop together without a conformation of popularity. For them, he is a decent soul who has an infectious way of getting through music in the mind and heart of people and can break down and deliver solid rhymes without a sweat. On being told and asked to comment upon this, Skaa just said that “I am an artist, not a commentator. As much as I like reaching the crowd using songs, I don’t like to comment. People say what they have to say. I always hear and appreciate their words without a beep because if that’s good, well it means you can reach out to them and if it isn’t, then for me it’s learning. Either way, it’s a win-win for me. So, I welcome both the antagonist and the protagonist together. All I wish is to reach out, not to be appreciated and I wish to continue being the same”. 

Well, this, this is what is a different world or art, which doesn’t just sing but also brings around the minds clarity and leaves the world stunned.