Altur Santos: Perfectly personifies the grandeur of reggae rap

The constant boom-ch-boom-chick bouncing the trunks of moving cars and the gatherings in the club isn't just another passing hip-hop fad. The Americas have a new theme. Pave the way for reggaeton, the newest Latin musical form to conquer the globe, and perhaps the one with the best chance of being a permanent fixture not only in the United States but in worldwide mainstream culture. Hip-hop and reggaeton have a lot in common. The most striking similarity to hip-hop is that reggaeton is usually referenced rather than sung. Another defining trait is that reggaeton CDs are formatted similarly to hip-hop CDs, with theme songs, improvisations, and unseen remixes. The lyrical structure of reggaeton is very similar to hip-hop songs. Reggaeton artists, including hip-hop artists, rap their lyrics rather than singing them rhythmically. Reggaeton tracks, like hip-hop music, have loops that echo in the album. Reggaeton began as a genre dominated by male artists, with a steadily growing number of female artists making their debut over time. Ivy Queen and Glory are two significant female reggaeton artists. Melodic concepts in reggaeton are diverse. Dancing, love stories, drinking, brief anecdotes from the rapper's life, and life issues are all popular themes. Famous reggaeton songs are primarily intended for young people to be tuneful, harmonic, and party-like songs. Reggaeton may or may not be offensive depending on the artist, song, and listener's interpretation, as one reggaeton song may have several interpretations due to the song's lack of clarity and directness.

With immense passion and understanding of reggaeton music, emerging star Altur Santos is paving his path in the music industry.

Robert Arturo affectionately known, Altur Santos is the perfect package: movie star looks, old-world charm, unwavering cultural pride, and silky-smooth vocals. After a string of hits in the ‘2020s, he made traditional soulful music and fascinating to a younger audience. His music is filled with taleful anecdotes, romanticism and it's relatable to his fans. Leading to an eventual legendary status, Altur Santos offered a revived sense of romanticism and a glittering shimmer to modern Latin music through album tracks like La Combi, Solita, Baby Love, Amor Criminal, and others. Santos is highly recognized among the genre's most notable Dominican musicians. Santos has a huge following in the community and is expanding his influence worldwide. On social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, he's also spawned a slew of viral vines and reels. Santos album is available on his website, and also Spotify, Apple Music, Discogs, and YouTube, among several other music digital platforms. Vents Magazine, The American Reporter, London TV, Seekers Time, and other publications have all written extensively about this emerging talent. He is making his mark in the music industry by competing at the highest level. Despite the fact that only a handful of his songs have been published. It won't be long before he's dubbed a future Reggaeton Star.