Author Sourabh Mukherjee: Decoding the Thrill

 “As a reader of crime fiction, I love to delve into the dark recesses that exist in our minds. When I write, I try to explore the same territory,” says Sourabh Mukherjee, who has emerged as one of the most popular writers of Indian crime fiction over the last few years. With popular novels like In the Shadows of Death, The Colours of Passion, The Sinners, and his most recent bestseller in Bengali Chandralekha Nihato lapped up by readers, Mukherjee has definitely left his mark on the genre.
With an almost Freudian understanding of the human psyche, Mukherjee’s novels paint a stark picture of urban life in India. He attributes his detailed observations of human behavior and the complexity of human relationships in his novels to a keen interest in psychology, particularly that of criminals. This is reflected in the fact that his characters are not all black and white. Rather, he examines several alternate reasons for the actions of his characters.

Even the love stories that often run through Mukherjee’s plots are not rose-tinted. The sleazy employer-employee relationship stained by sexual overtones, the cuckold, the vengeful lover, insecurities fuelled by social taboos that force a lover to hide from the world, the detective whose heart sometimes gets in the way of better judgment - Mukherjee weaves all their tales into his novels.

Mukherjee’s first novel In the Shadows of Death explored the theme of sexual harassment of the male child in the confines of the home and the sexual exploitation of men at the workplace. “The novel doesn’t just piece together a jigsaw; it addresses the psyche of childhood trauma, and how early experiences influence the way a man perceives a woman, and how some of these perceptions are further reinforced in the course of his life,” Mukherjee says about In the Shadows of Death. The book went on to become a hot-seller applauded by readers, book-critics, and the national media, with its audio rights purchased by Storytel.

His second novel The Colours of Passion unraveled the darkness behind the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. The book addresses the issue of alternate sexuality. “I believe in equality and in respecting relationships, even if they do not conform to so-called ideal definitions,” Mukherjee says about The Colours of Passion.  

Mukherjee’s third novel The Sinners was again an instant success with readers across the country. It was a corporate thriller in the true sense with elements of corporate espionage, high-stake dealings, honeytraps, and professional rivalries with a jaw-dropping twist in the plot. “As an author, these aspects of the modern urban society intrigue me enough to want to present them in a manner that readers can relate to,” Mukherjee says about his urban thrillers. The audio rights of The Sinners were picked by Amazon Audible.

In 2020, Mukherjee published his first Bengali thriller Chandralekha Nihato (Chandralekha is Dead). The book, applauded by his readers and by several Bengali publications and websites, was, in the garb of a murder mystery, a stark commentary on the film industry, especially the politicization of the same, and issues like sexual exploitation and substance abuse, that coincidentally also made headlines around the time of the book’s release.

My books are mostly relationship-based stories in the garb of a thriller,” says Mukherjee. “Our own insecurities, along with the boundaries that we often cross with regard to relationships, mar the good moments in life and push us down the murky path of crime,” Mukherjee observes. 

Mukherjee says that he has two more thrillers lined up for release in the coming months, and we cannot wait to get our hands on them.
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