'Be Like Bro', A Popular Meme Page By Muzzammil Mannan, Anshu Prasad And Adarsh Sharma Is A Perfect Stress Buster

Social media is filled with innumerable accounts which are a perfect dose of entertainment. In today’s time, tagging in memes redefines the friendship level for the millennials and there are several meme pages which will take you on a laughter ride. ‘Be Like Bro’, one of the established pages on social media is a meme page widely known for its hilarious and engaging content. The men behind this page, Muzzammil Mannan, Anshu Prasad and Adarsh Sharma set a benchmark when it comes to content creation. ‘Be Like Bro’ has its presence majorly on Facebook and the page has garnered more than 10 million likes making it one of its kind. The three men are making money in millions today and it is great to see that talent is speaking for their work.

Since a young age, the trio loved to entertain people with lame and quirky one-liners. With the advancement of the internet, they started a page to experiment their work and within no time their content clicked with the audience. Anshu Prasad on working with Muzzammil and Adarsh said, “I would not call it a team but a dream team. Being the content creators, we are contributing our best in making funny and authentic content. Apart from social media trends, we come up with our own unique posts which are humorous and light-hearted. It is really necessary to understand the target audience before posting any content on the internet. If your audience is well-defined, it would take no time for your post to go viral on the web.”

With a focus on quality over quantity, ‘Be Like Bro’ has maintained the consistency of having a good reach as well as good engagement rate. Creating authentic and relatable content is extremely important to sustain in the race. Speaking about the same, Adarsh said, “We can’t simply rely on one category. We need to keep trying and exploring new categories to reach out to more people. Risk and newness in the content are what makes people intrigued and we are experimenting with a lot of things.” To bring some novelty and innovation on their page, Muzzammil is currently working on video content and is in talks with a lot of brands and pages for collaborations. If you are a die-hard meme fan, go check out their page right away.