Bill Omar Unfolds His Story On How Success Happened And How He Became A Renowned YouTuber

“It is important to work hard to fulfil your dreams as nobody else will do it for you". Living by his words, Bill Omar Carrasquillo built an empire of his own and became a renowned YouTuber. He has his own channel named ‘Omi in a Hellcat’ where he creates the content showcasing his lifestyle and everyday happenings. Without having anyone’s backing, he became a multimillionaire personality and a popular name on the web. He was born on September 6, 1986, and his childhood was not that joyful. His mother suffered from the disease of addiction which saw Omar’s custody being given to his father and his stepmother. Despite going through a lot, he was clear with his aim of making a living for himself. 

During his early age, Omar was pretty sure to become a popular personality. He even started his own channel but could not pay attention due to the poor financial stability of his family. Later to earn his bread and butter, he started freelancing as an app developer and that was the best thing ever happened to him. The 33-year old YouTuber got great confidence by his work and he also improvised his entrepreneurial skills through it. After a lot of turmoil, Bill started making money in millions and as of today, his net worth is more than 50 million dollars with 30 workers working under him. He owns more than 300 properties in Philadelphia and other surrounding areas thus making him one of the most affluent names in the housing business. 

His YouTube channel boasts more than 485K subscribers making him one of the most renowned names. While talking about the tough period of his life, Omar said, “Giving up was never an option. I knew that my sacrifice would pay off someday to my family.” Apart from this, he also owns two night clubs named ‘Unicas' and ‘Philly 21’. With believing the fact that there is no cost for determination and ambition, Bill Omar Carrasquillo is undoubtedly one of the most successful content creators of the world.