Blogger Ashish Singh Aka 'Thevanquishment' Reveals His Style Mantra, Says Keep It Simple Rather Than Making It Look Complicated

There’s a fine line between following the trend and setting the trend. A trendsetter and a true fashion icon, Ashish Singh is the guy next door who has achieved tremendous success as a fashion influencer. Popularly known as 'thevanquishment' on social media, he has made a mark for himself and his ability to think out of the box has made him one of the most successful fashion bloggers. Hailing from a middle-class family from Punjab, he was a mediocre student during his college after which he decided to make blogging as his profession. His unique sense of style goes way back to his college days as he was the cynosure of all eyes.

His love for fashion grew when his friends came to him for styling during college. He believes to live a simple living and creates trends by himself rather than copying the style of others. However, his creative skills and the ability to create his own style saw him become a fashion blogger. Before becoming a fashionista, the young man did extensive research about fabrics, trends and clothing. “Keep it simple rather than making it look complicated”, says Ashish whose style resonates with every millennial today. Besides this, he considers his parents and friends as his ray of hope who stood by him during the hardest times. 

At the initial stage of his career, Ashish failed to captivate the attention of the audience. However, in a year, things changed and he started getting an ample number of brand collaborations which made him an overnight sensation in Punjab as well as Delhi. With making girls drool over his good looks, he is a fashion inspiration for many guys and men. In less than a year, his fan following grew by leaps and bounds and many people started recognizing him for his work. Besides his luck, his immense love for fashion and his hard work has made Ashish Singh the most notable fashion influencer in today’s time.