Artisanal Teas are a testimony to the tea blenders craftsmanship, the journey of which one can experience in every sip. Every tea blend produces refreshing textures, flavourful aromas, and a unique taste; a combination of the three has been the inspiration behind Karma Kettle.

Karma Kettle is an Artisanal tea company based out of India that offers more than a hundred varieties of gourmet teas. The teas are packaged in the form of whole leaf teas, silken pyramid, and biodegradable teabags. Deeply rooted in the company's philosophy is the belief that tea is a healthy brew, and in blending tea with the purest botanics, they transform tea to a salubrious infusion that positively impacts your body, mind, and spirit. 

Karma Kettle is one of India's leading tea companies providing herbal and natural flavor-infused teas and tisanes. Their handcrafted teas are produced in small batches to give the essence of freshness in every cup.  Vivid flavored-infusions like apple cinnamon green tea, green tea with peach and jasmine, black tea with orange and chocolate, rose-flavored tea, and spiced apple rooibos tea to name a few are worth appreciating.

Karma Kettle is a pioneer in the wellness tea segment, recognizing the need to introduce an exclusive range of wellness teas in 2016, focusing on herbal tisanes that include rooibos, chamomile, and lavender amongst others. The Ancient Healing Collection features - Ashwagandha Tea, Chakra Tea, Ayurvedic Chai, and Moringa Tea. These tea blends aid in promoting numerous health benefits such as stress relief, sleep aid, boosting metabolism, and glowing skin with infusions such as green tea with ginger & marigold, green tea with lychee and rose, and Matcha. Catering to the millennials' high paced lifestyle, one can enjoy a range of caffeine-free teas or tisanes, aiding in complete well-being of the body and the mind.

They also offer a premium range of silver tips white tea blended with the choicest aromatic flowers, fruits, and spices that are low in caffeine and rich in anti-oxidants. For chai lovers, there is an ayurvedic turmeric chai to boost immunity.

Paying homage to the city where it is headquartered, Karma Kettle crafted a collection titled the Kolkata Series, best expressing the local flavors of Calcutta in a teacup. The Nolengur Cha, Green tea with gondhoraj lemon (Bengal Lime), and Paan Chai have gone on to becoming their much-recognized blends in the East.

Karma Kettle focuses on bespoke gourmet tea gifting solutions; they prioritize quality and aim to create an immersive tea experience by educating clients about the appreciation of teas.

Their wellness offerings from the gifting collection - Meditations in my teacup, Ancient Healing and Zen collection gift boxes are designed to heal and boost your chakras. These enriching gift boxes feature unique healthy infusions packed in silken pyramid tea bags, and the distinctive blends work on strengthening your immunity, boosting energy and balancing your chakras all while adding heaps of flavour to your life. Look out for new tea experiences and more in 2020 with Karma Kettle.