Bunaai: A One Place Destination for All Your Various Ethnic Fashion Moods

As Ann Handley said, “Make the customer the hero of your story.” Reflecting on the same idea Bunaai was founded by Pari Poonam Choudhary in 2016, to build a one-stop destination for women. A place to acknowledge women’s choice and needs when it comes to fashion - from trendy clothes to exclusive jewelry. For the past four years, Bunaai with the delightful, inspiring guidance of Pari Poonam Choudhary has been quite commendable in catering to the needs of its customers, despite the challenges of entering into an already established market. Women of Bunaai as they are known fondly, get to choose from a variety of unique, exceptionally appealing products according to their tastes and preferences. From the days worth celebrating to those burdened with work - Bunaai provides a different style for each of them!
Home to its female buyers, Bunaai has successfully managed to deliver to its customers the best of products, both in terms of design and quality. Following the trends, keeping in mind the tastes, designing ravishing products, and doing all of this while maintaining the supreme quality. Casting more light on its customers and their preferences, Pari Poonam Choudhary revealed that Bunaai gained popularity with the lavish, quirky dresses and breathtakingly beautiful India. Further, Bunaai recently launched many new product lines in their brand - scrunchies, scarves, and other home accessories. These too were highly welcomed by its patrons, with immense love and praise. Coming up with so many diverse, newer products and designs, Bunaai also tries to fulfill its aim of minimizing wastage and putting its raw materials to proper use. Sticking to its core values, Pari described how sustainability is a crucial goal of the company. Bunaai deliberately ensures to take care of the planet and its environment as much as they can. Keeping a track of the amount of raw materials, say cotton used in every product, they use their resources mindfully, repurposing the remaining into something of value and use. Bunaai carefully uses all its extra resources in designing worthy products like cotton bags, storage pouches, laptop sleeves, coasters, scrunchies, masks, and many more.
Talking about experiences, and the subsequent changes in the entrepreneurial business world, Pari shared how liberating and pleasurable it is to work for something one is passionate about. In her words, “My work has made me more accountable, more empathetic, a three-dimensional thinker and a lot more confident in all areas of my life.” In respect to the changes taking place in business, there has been a major evolution in E-business, commented Pari. The Internet has changed the very outlook and work ways of the economies, moving towards a much more digital world.

With 70% of its customers hailing from India, Bunaai has victoriously granted a perfect shopping destination to its clientele. Pertaining to its indigenous perspectives and goals, it has managed to gratify the buyers in a fulfilling manner. Bunaai has won several hearts with an essence of individuality and delicacy, blending all the diverse tastes and styles of women into one place, a united community.

You can connect with Bunaai on Instagram – @bunaai and on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bunaai/