Chetan Dahiya has all the qualities to become and next-gen superstar of Bollywood

Many believe only Kapoors, Kumar, Khans can act in Bollywood as the history of Bollywood is with them. So if you are from this house, then you might get lucky to get started in Bollywood. If you are not from this house and want to enter B-town well don't worry Bollywood is for all. History might have favoured these houses, but we have other people too who have made a massive name in B-town. Like Bachhan, Devgan, Johars, Chopras and many more.

There is nothing like favouritism Bollywood for particular family what matters in Bollywood is talent if you have in you then Bollywood will accept you with both hands. We found one young talent who is not Khan and Kapoor he is Dahiya. He is an excellent looking talent which is all set to enter Bollywood in 2020.

Chetan Dahiya the young blood who has cinematic dreams. He knows that there is no guaranteed method for making big in Bollywood. So he is working on his skills, looks, connections to enter in B-town with a big banner.

Handsome: Chetan Dahiya is blessed with attractive looks, and his fresh looks will definitely help him grow faster in Bollywood. We all know lead actors have to look dashing than normal actors to impress masses and Chetan Dahiya has that looks which can help him grab lead role in Bollywood.

Physique and Voice: Other than looks, he is also working hard on Physique, yes he is not muscular like other actors, but he is no lesser than Kartik Aaryan and Akshay Kumar. Chetan Dahiya is supremely fit, and he has strong lean Physique. With good Physique, he has an excellent heavy voice which sounds really good.

Command on Hindi and acting skills: We talked about looks, Physique and all but his command over Hindi and English is really good after he is Delhi Boy, so Hindi is never going to be a question for him. With command on Hindi, he has fabulous acting capabilities which are the essential thing to survive in Bollywood.

Hurdles: Chetan Dahiya knows to make a name in Bollywood struggle will be long, and he is ready to give his best shot in B-town. He is prepared to give his time in B-town after all; it is his dream.

Chetan Dahiya is passing every criterion, which is essential to get success in Bollywood. We will see this lad getting success in B-town as a lead actor soon.

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