Don’t Fall Victims to the Vortex of Internal Conflict: Nitish Bahalwala

Making an indelible imprint in minds of the readers of his bestselling novel The Chimera, the novelist Nitish Bahalwala is again set to make an intellectual storm worldwide through his next creation Feminatow.  

An author who uses the tool of advanced Psycho Sciences to explain the human character and also tries to unravel the mysteries associated with it, the forthcoming Feminatow has all the characteristics of his unique writing style.

As Nitish tried to explain human folly to achieving something which practically is unachievable and the internal conflict that a person suffers for it in The Chimera, his Feminatow too portrays most wonderfully the moral upheavals side-by-side chauvinists and feminists. 

The title of the upcoming book Feminatow itself provokes our thought. No wonder, the readers will find them spellbound to the pages of the novel right from the first page to the last page. Feminatow, title of the book, is a wonderfully conjoined new word invented by Nitish which certainly will find its currency in the coming days, particularly among the youth world over. 
Feminatow, conjoined form of Feminism and “MGTOW” (Men Going Their Own Ways), would perhaps be a new adage in the English dictionary and also a topic of hot gossip by the mindful readers. 

Nitish, in fact, carved out an enviable place for himself in the English literature through his The Chimera. The novel is already acting as a moral code of conduct for the young people who very often engage themselves in such foolish aspirations like plucking the stars from the sky with bare hands. The net result is shattering of unachievable dreams sometimes leading even to self destruction. 

The Chimera, in fact, is a note of caution for those who suffer from the malady of hyper-materialism that makes them blind and prompts them to adopt inhuman ways in reaching their goal which is a mirage. 

Nitish, an M.B.B.S. doctor and practicing psychiatrist at Belgorod in Russia, used his deep knowledge of advanced Psycho Sciences as a tool to analyse the basic traits of human being both in The Chimera and Feminatow.

That is why these two books are virtual prescriptions of leading normal human life with avarice and caprice leading them to fall in the dark dungeon of self-created misery. Both the novels have their own doses of spiritualism that would help the readers to put efforts to know their inner self and understand realities of life. 

If one understands the realities of life, they would not act foolish or commit crimes. No wonder, The Chimera has won the enviable title of “Bestselling Modern Philosophy Book 2019.” This novel really deserved this title as the analysis of darker sides of our societal structure in their real perspective is simply wonderful. 

Feminatow too is poised to create psychological storm worldwide when it hits the book stores during this Christmas as it would throw lights on the futility of ongoing strife related to “Femina” or femininity and “MGTWO” which is anti-feminist movement. The topic is extremely topical. The book has 10 chapters. 

In both the novels, Nitish sounds to volunteer his roles through very meaningful wordy-garlands in each and every paragraph as a guide to those who have gone astray from the purposes of their lives. He verily tried to prove mankind is sliding into decadence that would bring doom the world ultimately and ways and means must be found out to save them. 

Nitish, an Indo-Russian author earlier getting the “OK India Award” for The Chimera,  even cautions the world, as a whole, is virtually rotating in the circular wheel of self-destruction.

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