Dr. Namrata Jadwani Is Revolutionizing Dental Healthcare Awareness, One Post at a Time

Whether it's a formal appointment, social engagement, or a night out with your friends, we all want to look our best. We dress to impress, and often forget that the first thing anyone notices in a person is their smile. People often neglect their teeth due to a lack of awareness, not to mention the ramifications of bad oral hygiene. Dr. Namrata Jadwani, a renowned dental surgeon, has always stressed on the importance of dental healthcare, as she continues to revolutionize the way the world views dentistry.

The average person is terrified at the thought of having to visit the dentist. Dr. Jadwani has chosen to bust the many myths that surround dental healthcare by adopting an unconventional approach. Her Instagram handle, @dr.namratajadwani, is the perfect combination of fun, motivation, hacks, and dental care tips. From sharing her personal dental care routine, to stressing the importance of flossing as well as organic remedies for natural teeth whitening, Dr. Namrata Jadwani covers it all. She believes in spreading awareness while making people realize that going to the dentist is the best gift one can give one's teeth. Dr. Jadwani added, "I wanted to make the world realize that going to the dentist can be fun too! Good oral hygiene isn't just for good aesthetics; it affects our health as a whole. The digital space has helped me reach out to thousands of people. So, I try to do my best to change the world, one post at a time."

Her posts on Instagram are witty and thought-provoking. She makes them fun and loves engaging with her audience, often sharing her knowledge and advice on various issues. Before revolutionizing dental care, Dr. Jadwani completed her Bachelors in Dental Surgery in 2010, and her Masters in Dental Surgery with a specialization in Prosthodontics, in 2014. Her extensive hands-on experience includes stints with the Government Dental College of Mumbai as well as the privilege of working with one of the best cosmetic dentists in the industry.

Dr. Namrata Jadwani commenced her private practice in 2016, with The Smylist - an ode to her passion for cosmetic dentistry. She strived to use her knowledge and experience to augment dental skills with the latest technological innovations. Traditional procedures were revamped while focusing on enhancing the experience of the patient. Dr. Jadwani elaborated, "When patients come to me, I provide them with the highest level of care, while also educating them about dental healthcare. With a deeper understanding, dental phobia becomes a thing of the past."

She has worked with numerous industrialists and celebrities, having garnered several accolades during her journey. From being featured in leading publications to being a gold medallist during her MDS, to spending time helping underprivileged children understand dental healthcare - it is all in a day's work for Dr.  Namrata Jadwani.

Between honing her skills and educating those around her, she continues to help dispel misconceptions that surround dental healthcare and dentistry as a whole. Her fun-loving outlook and hands-on approach have given her clients numerous reasons to smile.