Dubai-Based Blockchain Entrepreneur Ritam Gupta's Encouraging Message To Today's Youth

Ritam Gupta, born and brought up in New Delhi, had huge dreams and worked hard to achieve them. Currently, he is handling two different ventures in Dubai - Nonceblox Private Limited and DeFi11. In the blockchain industry, Gupta has an excellent reputation, thanks to his fantastic work and skills.

Talking about abilities, Gupta is known for his skillsets in various sectors. He's unbeatable when it comes to Software Development, Technology Consulting, Team Leadership & Management, Strategy and Operations, Enterprise Architecture and Delivery management.

From childhood, Dubai-based entrepreneur Ritam Gupta always aimed to reach the stars. He wanted to run his business and not work for someone else in a 9-5 shift. But he never figured out his area of interest until seven years ago, when he got associated with the blockchain industry. When he started working in the blockchain industry, he started as a developer. Today, he's running two successful businesses.

About his business, Gupta shares, "I've successfully established a blockchain agency on my own, which employs 100 people. Aside from that, my most recent project is DeFi11, a defi-powered gaming ecosystem that addresses all of the flaws and frauds in the current gaming ecosystem."

Entrepreneur Ritam Gupta is an inspiration to today's youth. He says that he had no role model while growing up, and he always believed in himself when he decided to start his business. The CEO of DeFi11 didn't lose hope even where there were challenges in his path. He believes in finding solutions instead of stressing over whatever is stopping one's growth.

The Dubai-based blockchain entrepreneur has an encouraging message to young people who look up to him and want to build their business. Gupta says, "Just rememeber, your dreams are valid. Never listen to anyone who says it's impossible. There's a reason why you want to run a particular business and you should believe in your potential. But remember, all the success comes if you give your time, hard work, remain patient and determined to your work."