“Happy clients & awe-inspiring makeovers are the true test of a hair stylist,” says Rafi Kouyoumjian

From the beginning of time, people and celebrities alike have always been conscious of their appearance, especially their hair. Whether you choose to sport an afro or have dreamed of dreadlocks, your hairdo forms an intrinsic part of who you are. An accomplished hairstylist plays an integral role in helping you transform yourself. Rafi Kouyoumijan is someone who firmly believes that his work shall speak for itself and that his actual skill as a hairstylist is demonstrated through groundbreaking makeovers and clients who swear by him.

Rafi’s passion for his craft has earned him a reputation that precedes him as a master hairstylist, having worked with numerous people, including notable celebrities and VIPs. Rafi’s forte lies in his ability to help his clients transform their appearance. From styling their hair to perfection, with attention to the tiniest of details, to creating the ideal blend of colors, hues, and shades, he thoroughly enjoys providing his clients with jaw-dropping makeovers. Rafi explains further, “I simply love what I do. My clients come to me with the highest of expectations, and I make sure I surpass them every single time! When their face lights up after I’m through with them, it is the greatest feeling in the world.”

Rafi Kouyoumjian has been living his dream and honing his skills for more than 13 years, based out of Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. There is nothing he enjoys more than honing his craft, while studying the latest trends and turning his clients into trendsetters. Rafi looks at hairstyling as a painter would gaze upon his canvas. Apart from his unparalleled talent, he is also hailed as one of the fastest stylists in the world, with a penchant for makeovers and color transformations. 

Indeed, one never stops learning, even after achieving success. Rafi has attended numerous events in UAE, London, and other parts of the world as he continues to push the limits of his creativity and innovation. He enjoys sharing his experience while continually looking for ways to raise the bar. In a quest to reach out to more people, Rafi embraced social media platforms like Instagram, where he has garnered a massive following of fans who love watching him do what he does best.

When he isn’t busy working his magic within the confines of the salon, Rafi enjoys traveling the world, driving fast cars, and building meaningful bonds with many of his clients. When asked what made him choose this line of work, he smiled and added, “I chose a career in hairstyling, because there is no greater joy than helping women look even more beautiful. Being a hair designer is what I was born to do, and I am glad that the world agrees.”
Rafi’s dedication to his craft, coupled with his charismatic personality and humble demeanor have made him one of the most famous hair designers in the UAE. If client satisfaction were considered a yardstick, it’s safe to say that Rafi Kouyoumjian is a cut above the rest.

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