How B2B retail tech startup Arzooo is enabling consumer electronics brands merge the gap between online and offline sales

There was a time when new consumer brands took pride in announcing Flipkart or Amazon-exclusive launches and distribution strategies. This is not the scenario anymore.  

Popular smart TV brand Cloudwalker realized that there continues to be a large enough market that still buys offline, or in a physical retail store. It has recently moved from an Amazon and Flipkart-only sales model to an integrated model, partnering with Arzooo, a B2B retail-tech startup, for offline sales. Over their six months plus partnership, Cloudwalker has witnessed 55% Q-o-Q growth. It has also been able to expand its presence with over 200 plus retail outlets across Maharashtra, using Arzooo’s platform. 

Khushnud Khan, co-founder of explains, “Arzooo is bridging the gap between consumers and offline retailers. Our Go Store platform equips a physical store with 5X bigger selection than all e-commerce websites put together and consumer prices better than Flipkart& Amazon.”

Another, Gurgaon-based electronics brand Detel (maker of smart TVs, mobile phones and speakers) too partnered with Arzooo and has thus been able to boost its presence in close to 500 retail stores in Haryana and Rajasthan. Detel is now growing at 70% Q-o-Q.

He adds, “We’re essentially bringing the best of online and offline retail under one roof. Consumers’ preference to offline shopping for all mid to high involvement purchases is pretty high already. Arzooo’s technology is enabling retailers not just be competitive but to beat e-commerce in their own game. Emerging brands and online only brands are now getting access to a whole new market with Arzooo. Offline retailers are getting new product lines, and new price points are helping them convert consumer from every social strata.”

Arzooo promises end-buyers the best price and fastest delivery. It also facilitates purchases through attractive payments and financing solutions that have the added advantage of driving up in-store sales. Leveraging Arzooo’s GoStore platform, retailers are also able to run an asset-light business, which saves them huge costs and are able to spin profits.

Founded in 2016, Arzooo currently has about 1,500 physical retailersacross 5 cities and plans to take that number up to 5,000 retailers across 30 large cities in the country in the next one year. Apart from south, Arzooo aims to go deeper in the north and east India. Beyond consumer electronic, the startup also looks to expand to other categories too by end of this year.