How Can I Buy Facebook Likes? (Instant and 100% Safe)

We already know the impactful role that social media marketing plays in the success of a modern business. However, have you ever wondered which of these platforms reign supreme over the rest? We had, and we have found the answer.

While it’s true some platforms may be better suited for your business depending on your industry. For instance, a photography startup would probably fare better on Instagram. Still, we have based our choice on two factors: global reach and the number of active users.

The answer we’ve concluded is Facebook. According to recent statistics, Facebook is currently the most commonly used platform globally, accounting for 93% of social media marketers from all over the world. Instagram comes second at only 78%.

In another recent report, it was stated that Facebook has 2.8 billion active users per month. Meanwhile, Instagram has around 1 billion.

These numbers won’t mean anything, though, if you can’t get your business page noticed. Fortunately, there is an easy way to resolve this hurdle. The key is to buy Facebook likes.

Top Five Sites to Buy Facebook Likes From

1. Social Viral
There are only a few social media marketing companies that can ensure exclusive engagement services. This is the reason why we enjoy working with SocialViral so much. They don’t just ensure that their likes come from real people; it is also a network that works solely for them.

They provide services for the five biggest social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, and Instagram. They have four Facebook services, namely post likes, page likes, followers, and views.

They have six likes packages that provide 50 to 2,500 post likes. These are 100% genuine post likes that SocialViral can guarantee. You can buy facebook page likes. Aside from that, you can also expect the following features from them:

● Follow-Up Support

Most social media marketing agencies deliver their promised service, and that’s it. They move on to the next transaction. Not SocialViral, though.
They take pride in their 24/7 customer support and proactive account monitoring. This further ensures the longevity of your purchased order.

● Free Weekly Top-Offs

Receiving one free engagement refill is already an appreciated benefit, but SocialViral goes beyond that and provides free weekly top-offs for their valued patrons. They even keep track of your social stats to ensure that you really get the engagement you deserve.

● Instant Delivery

Forget 48 hours; SocialViral gets the work done as fast as 12 hours after settling your payment. We believe that this is an added benefit of their exclusive network of account holders.
Best site to Buy Facebook Likes from Social Viral

2. Stormlikes

Finally, we simply can’t complete any list of where to buy Facebook likes or buy Facebook followers without mentioning our personal favorite, Stormlikes. They are a social media marketing company that originally specialized in providing Instagram engagement but have since extended their services to other platforms.

They now cater to six social media networks, including Twitch, TikTok, and of course, Facebook. They have four services under their Facebook category. These are post likes, page likes, followers, and views.


Unfortunately, they only have three packages, for now, ranging from 100 to 500 post likes. We really hope that they expand this line of packages in the future. No one’s going to keep us from purchasing multiple orders, though.

We also like the following features from Stormlikes:

● Fast Delivery

Like SocialViral, they also guarantee fulfillment within 12 hours of paying for your order. What sets them apart, though, is you can already see your likes pouring in within mere minutes of payment. They are that fast.

● Affordability

We also appreciate their affordable rates. This makes their services accessible to budding influencers, small business owners, or even individuals who need engagement services for personal purposes.
Aside from that, they also provide free weekly top-offs to ensure that your likes remain stable and permanent.

● Additional Resources

Finally, should you choose to work with Stormlikes, we also highly recommend checking out their blog. It is a priceless resource of tips that can help give your future social media marketing campaigns a much-needed boost.

Buy Facebook Likes from Stormlikes

3. Social Packages

This social media marketing agency has a complete package. It offers engagement services for seven different platforms, including Instagram, Spotify, and Twitch. Especially you can buy facebook post likes from this type platform.
The company's main page does indicate that they only cover two Facebook-focused engagement: page likes and followers. However, you will be pleased to learn that their page likes packages are also applicable for posts and videos.


There are seven different likes packages for you to choose from, ranging from 250 to 20,000 likes. Like Viralyft, they offer top-quality global likes that you can expect delivered within one to two days.

Aside from that, here are some of their other features:

● Refill Guaranteed

If there’s one downside to getting real likes, it would be the fact that the agency can’t really guarantee their permanence. In the end, it will still depend on the individual choices of their account holders.

This is the reason why Social Packages provides a refill that can get your likes back to the agreed number. Doing so ensures that their clients get the best value for their money.

● Easy Order Process

To order, all you need to do is to fill out a quick form on their site. It will only require two things: the link to your Facebook account and your email address.

You will then receive an email confirmation of your order along with the link where you can indicate the specific posts or videos that you want your engagement delivered to.

● Also Offers Custom Package

Can’t find a package that fits your specific needs and preferences? Don’t worry.

Social Packages also creates custom packages for their valued clients. Just inform them of your request through their website’s contact form and wait for their response.

4. Woorke

Are you looking for an all-around site for your digital marketing needs? Then Woorke is a partner that you should definitely consider. They cover a wide variety of services, including email marketing, customer reviews, and website development.

Their social media marketing coverage is impressive, providing services for 13 different platforms. You will also be pleased to learn that they have nine Facebook-related services.


They have three types of Facebook likes services. These are Targeted, Worldwide, and Drip Feed. Each package will come with 50 likes.

The price of each package varies, with Targeted likes being the most expensive and Worldwide likes being the most affordable option.

We also love Woorke for the following reasons:

●Different Types of Likes Provided

You might not realize it at first, but likes are not the same, and different businesses require different ones.

Targeted likes come from a specific demographic or geographic location. Worldwide likes come from a global audience. Finally, Drip Feed likes are delivered 

Allows Control of Fulfillment

Instant delivery provides peace of mind and fast results. However, it also lessens credibility since an overnight increase of likes is a major indication of potentially purchased engagement. Organic engagement develops gradually, after all.

Fortunately, Woorke provides a Drip Feed option that allows you to set how fast your likes arrive. It creates a seamless simulation of organic growth.

● All-in-One Digital Marketing Hub

Are you tired of working with several digital marketing companies, each specializing in the different aspects of your campaign? Make things more manageable and convenient by working with Woorke instead.

5. Viralyft

Viralyft is one of the leading social media marketing companies today. For us, their best asset is their expertise, given their years of experience. They currently provide engagement services for eight of the biggest platforms online including Instagram, YouTube, and of course, Facebook.

They have four Facebook-related engagement services, namely post likes, page likes, followers, and views. You can also check pros and cons to buy facebook page likes before you move forward.


They have six Facebook likes packages ranging from 100 to 10,000 likes. These post likes are top-quality global likes that Viralyft guarantees to fulfill within 24 to 48 hours regardless of the package you choose to buy.

They are also known for the following features:

● Security

They won’t require any password from you. They also provide a secure payment method via an SSL encrypted gateway to ensure that your financial information is safe and never stored.

● Excellent Customer Support

They offer multiple customer support channels. You may contact them 24/7 by phone (956-450-8602), their website’s contact page, and live chat.

● Order Tracking

Another feature that sets them apart from their competitors is their order tracker. You will receive an email confirmation of your order upon payment. This email will contain a code that you can use to monitor the progress of your order’s fulfillment on their website’s tracking page.

The Power of Facebook Likes

You see, the roughly three billion users of Facebook is its best strength but also its worst enemy. This means that while you can reach this many people globally, you are also competing with their posts each month.

The challenge is how you can get their attention? The secret lies in convincing them how deserving you are of it. That is where the number of Facebook likes on your posts gets handy.

Not only does it give your posts more credibility, but it also gives you an advantage on Facebook’s algorithm.

Unfortunately, you can't trust all of the “social media marketing companies” out there. There are a lot of dubious individuals and organizations with malicious intent. Some just want to get your online credentials and use them against you, while others deliver Facebook likes from bots.

Be warned. Bot-driven likes count as fraudulent activity. This goes against the platform’s terms and conditions and will most likely get your account banned.
On the other hand, Facebook allows purchased likes as long as they come from active accounts managed by real people一something that the social media marketing agencies that we are going to feature can provide.

More Tips on Buying Facebook Likes

Have you decided where to buy your Facebook likes already? Before you do, here are a few more tips to guarantee your account’s safety:

1. Don’t Give Other People Your Password

It is not true that the social media agency will need access to your account in order to deliver your order. While some reputable companies will ask for your page link, the only thing that they will really need is the link to the post that you want to boost. This practice is a huge red flag and should be avoided.

In relation to this tip, also be wary of companies asking for a lot of personal or business information unless they can prove how knowing this data can work to your benefit. In the end, it is still safer to transact with an organization that values privacy and confidentiality.

2. Make Sure That the Website Looks Neat and Professional

It should be free of simple spelling and grammatical errors. If they can’t build a professional-looking website, how can you expect them to deliver a decent job? It is a sign that your engagement will most likely come from bots.

3. Avoid Transacting With Random People

We have heard reports of “businesses” cold messaging on Messenger, promising to deliver post likes and other types of Facebook engagement. While we’re not saying that all of them are out to scam you, you should be wary of those that don’t have an actual website to show for.

It is safer to transact with a well-established agency, especially one that provides a secure payment method and an order tracker for good measure.

4. Take Time To Do Your Research

Most reputable sites out there have already been reviewed, including the ones we have mentioned above. Take your time to dig around a little bit to make sure you’re not buying into a scam.

Buy Facebook Post Likes, But Don’t Stop There

We hope that our line-up of the best sites to buy Facebook post likes from will prove helpful in your future social media campaigns. Keep in mind that this is also but one type of Facebook engagement.

We highly recommend considering buying other types as well. This will give your Facebook page an added layer of credibility and authenticity.

Purchased engagement is also not enough to ensure a long-term online reputation. Entrepreneur has published a helpful post on how to increase your likes organically through specific social media tactics. Meanwhile, we also recommend checking out Inc’s post on the seven mobile applications that can also help.