How To Buy YouTube Views That Are Real and Active

The numbers are an excellent clue to YouTube’s potential. According to a recent report, the video-sharing platform has more than two billion logged-in monthly users. Keep in mind that it is possible to access YouTube content without logging in or creating an account. Thus, if you think about it, we probably haven’t even explored the tip of the iceberg yet.

No wonder there are a lot of people aspiring to make it big on YouTube一it packs a huge audience. Your channel's organic growth can take some time, though. If you don’t want to wait that long, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can actually buy YouTube views.

To help you get started, we’ll talk about the different factors to consider to grow a YouTube channel, how to buy real YouTube views, the best site to buy Youtube views, and more.

How To Buy Real YouTube Views

It is very easy to buy real YouTube views. The only challenge lies in finding the right company to work with. Once you’ve found a credible website, all you need to do is select the plan that works best for you, pay for it, and wait for your views to start increasing.

The Best Site to Buy YouTube Views

Here are our favorite companies to buy YouTube views cheapest. Even better, these social media marketing companies deliver views from real people as well.

1. Stormviews is a social media marketing company specializing in helping YouTube content creators gain more traction on the popular video-sharing platform. It has three types of YouTube-focused online engagement: likes, views, and subscribers.

These services are then broken down into three packages, depending on the number you want to buy. For instance, their YouTube Views packages range from 500 to 2,500 views.

2. Zeru

The next best site to buy YouTube views is Zeru. Unlike Stormviews, this marketing company offers online engagement for other social media platforms as well. These include Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, just to name a few.

What sets Zeru apart from other social media marketing companies is the wide range of online engagement services it provides. In fact, it has six different services for YouTube alone: subscribers, comments, shares, likes, dislikes, and, of course, views.

Similar to Stormviews, its services are broken down into different packages. Zeru has six plans in total, ranging from 1K to 1M high-quality views.

3. Social Packages

Social Packages is yet another social media marketing company that doesn’t focus on a particular platform. Its online social media presence and engagement services include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

All in all, it has four YouTube-related services divided into different plans: likes, comments, subscribers, and views. Indeed, you'll appreciate Social Packages' wide range of options. It has a total of 10 YouTube views packages, from 500 to 1M views.

Because of these many options, we're sure you will find something to fit your budget. It also makes Social Packages a great site to buy YouTube views cheapest.

The Life of a YouTube Content Creator

It doesn’t matter what type of content you wish to share with others nor what your passions are. Whether you’re a vlogger who wants to share your everyday life or a hardworking artisan keen to impart his expertise to other people, there’s a YouTube niche for you. This makes being a YouTube content creator one of the best jobs in this digital age.

YouTube is also great for companies that want to increase their online presence and engagement. In fact, this recent survey shows that 90% of consumers claim that watching videos influences them when making a purchase decision.

The Factors Needed for a Successful YouTube Channel

When looking to grow a channel, the challenge lies in figuring out how you’re going to get it noticed. After all, there are almost 40 million other YouTube channels out there. Here are the four factors that make up a successful channel:

1. Content

The first factor that determines a channel’s success is its content. High-quality content won’t have any problems in getting organic views, so ask yourself these questions:

● Who are you talking to?
● What are you talking about?
● Do your videos stay true to your chosen niche?
● Will they be worth the viewer’s time?
● Are they even remotely interesting or entertaining?

2. Consistency

If you invest in the quality of your content, you will never go wrong. Still, doing that alone is not enough to grow your channel. Consistency is also needed to gain thousands of views. So, create a schedule and stick to it to let your subscribers know when to wait for your videos.

Doing this also ensures that your latest content will always have views waiting for them from your loyal patrons. You won’t have to wait for new viewers all the time, especially after you have already grown your subscriber count.

3. Subscribers

Subscribers are your online viewers who have opted to have your videos show up in their subscriptions library whenever they are released. They will be the first viewers who will get updates on your latest content.

The number of your subscribers can significantly impact the consistent number of your views. It would then translate to higher revenue potential in case you want to monetize your channel.


The last factor that can make or break your channel is the number of your views. This metric shows how much engagement each of your content is receiving, revealing whether your efforts are being appreciated and how much.

Why Do You Need to Buy Views on YouTube?

Increasing the number of your YouTube subscribers and views will give your channel more momentum. In a psychological phenomenon called social proof, people are more likely to try something new (like watching a video from an unknown creator) if others have already attempted it.

Apparently, this need for conformity is deeply rooted in human nature. As such, an existing volume of views and subscribers can encourage more people to view your videos. You can apply the same theory when publishing content on other social media accounts.

Aside from that, a high number of views and subscribers can also give a vouch of credibility to your channel. It even encourages YouTube to suggest your videos to other online viewers who might be interested, even non-subscribers.

Getting YouTube views organically remains the ideal way of getting those numbers to rise. However, that method is easier said than done. Some channels are lucky to have their views increase to a substantial volume after just a few months. Others take years before they become popular, while some never take off at all.

Fortunately, there is another way to gain a reputation in this social media network. Knowing how to buy YouTube views can make those numbers grow instantly. Doing so will save you from the time and resources required to grow your channel.

It will also give your videos the popularity and credibility needed to get them noticed by real people. The best part is, it’s not a hack or a scam. There are legitimate ways to buy views on YouTube. You’ll even find that the music industry does it all the time to give their new releases some traction.

What Happens When You Buy YouTube Views?

Not all YouTube view companies are the same. Some questionable sites claim to sell real views coming from real people but deliver bot-generated ones instead.

Working with such businesses can get your channel penalized. After all, such methods are not compliant with YouTube’s regulations. At the very least, YouTube can take away all the views you’ve earned, including those you have gained organically.

Meanwhile, the worst-case scenario could mean your account getting terminated. For this reason, it is imperative to only buy from reputable Buy YouTube Views sites. These companies guarantee to deliver views from real people. These services are compliant with YouTube’s terms of service and won’t put your channel at risk.

Views Are Not the Only Online Engagement You Can Buy

After learning how to buy YouTube views, what's next? Views are not the only type of YouTube-related online engagement you can buy from social media marketing companies. Here are other services you should definitely consider getting for your channel as well:

1. Buy YouTube Subscribers

One of the reasons why buying YouTube views is so popular is its high retention rate. Genuine video views will remain in your metrics after YouTube's algorithm has successfully logged it.

On the other hand, when you buy YouTube subscribers, they can come and go as they please. The benefits you gain if you buy real YouTube subscribers are more substantial than just mere views. Keep in mind that you can only buy views for your existing videos.

Buying subscribers can potentially give all of your content, both existing and future ones, enough engagement. You shouldn’t need to worry about losing your acquired subscribers as well. Thanks to social proof, your high subscriber count can attract even more organic subscriptions from your target audience, enough to give your channel a permanent boost.

2. Buy YouTube Likes

You might have question that why and how to buy youtube likes which actually help the youtube channel grow. 

Views and subscriptions might be the most effective forms of engagement on YouTube. However, you shouldn't overlook the benefits you will get when you find best site to buy  YouTube subscribers as well.

It is another indicator of how much your target audience enjoys your content. Therefore, it is yet another common motivation for YouTube to display your videos to a broader audience. 

Aside from that, liking a video will add it to the online viewer’s liked videos playlist and latest activity feed. In turn, it gives your video more chances to get noticed and watched. 

3. Buy YouTube Comments

Besides subscribers and likes, you might want to consider purchasing YouTube comments from real users as well. YouTube uses a formula in discerning legitimate engagement from fake ones. This includes looking into the volume of views that your videos are getting in relation to the comments they receive.

For instance, millions of views on a video with zero comments is a huge sign that this significant increase in your metrics comes from fake bot views. Thus, buying YouTube comments in tandem with views can strengthen the credibility of your channel and further prevent non-compliance issues.

More Tips on How To Increase Your Views Organically

You will truly gain a competitive edge once you buy views YouTube from any of the social media marketing companies we listed. So, why don’t we make the most out of it by implementing more strategies to increase your numbers organically? Here are our tried-and-tested tactics: 

1. Make an intriguing yet keyword-friendly title.

YouTube may seem like a video-sharing platform at the surface. The truth is, it is actually more of a search engine. According to an article published by Forbes, YouTube is the second-largest search engine next to Google.

Hence, don’t just make catchy titles for the sake of clicks. Instead, make sure they include relevant keywords to improve search ranking. You can also look into other search engine optimization techniques to refine your titles even more.

2. Create eye-catching thumbnails.

It is not enough to have an interesting title. It would help if you also improve the quality of your thumbnails. Again, the keyword here is relevance.

Avoid making click-bait thumbnails, as this would only cause resentment among your viewers and can even earn you a barrage of dislikes. Instead, take the thumbnail as an opportunity to give the viewer an idea of what to expect from your video while also promoting your brand.

3. Incorporate branding into your channel.

Speaking of branding, give your channel a unique personality. Is it loud and fun? Or is it soothing and minimalist? Express your brand not just through thumbnails but also in how you present your content.

4. Improve your equipment.

Lastly, invest in the tools that you use to create your videos. For example, get decent lighting and a new camera. Getting a good microphone and soundproofing your filming space are great ideas as well.


Getting your brand noticed requires months of creativity, patience, and dedication. Unfortunately, there are times when a person simply can’t wait that long. That’s why we recommend to buy views YouTube instead.

Getting authentic YouTube views from real, active users is critical in preventing getting flagged by YouTube. After all, online engagement coming from bots and malware does not comply with the platform’s terms and conditions.

Doing so can get your channel penalized, or worse, terminated. You will want to work with reputable companies, like Stormviews and Viralyft instead. You might want to consider availing of other forms of engagement.

For instance, you can buy YouTube likes, subscribers, and comments. These services complement each other to give your channel more advantage against its competitors.

While these methods work, we still recommend backing up your efforts with strategies to grow organic engagement. Taking your time researching the keywords to include in your titles and designing eye-catching thumbnails go a long way in increasing the likelihood of real views and subscriptions. Lastly, don’t forget to invest in your filming equipment as well.