Impact of COVID-19 on E-Commerce Business

The year 2020 is marked with rapid changes taking place over nights and the sense of uncertainty about health, business, education and even life is lost. Nothing is spared by the globally hit pandemic of COVID-19 that has now spread to almost all the corners of the world. By every passing day the pandemic is getting uncontrollable and the concerned authorities are unable to cope with it. People are also becoming adaptable to the changing patterns of life and are adopting the lifestyle of staying at home that is further being implemented by the government of different countries which is imposing smart or complete lock down in different parts of the country.

The recent lifestyle of staying at home is turning the attention of people towards online buying and selling and virtual shopping that has become a leading and expanding trend in the pandemic of COVID-19 thereby adding more importance and success to the E-commerce business industry. Before the outbreak of CoronaVirus people were free to move and interact in all kinds of businesses and thus the domain of E-commerce business was not in attention as it is nowadays. It can be explained in this way that the pandemic of COVID-19 resulted in either self-imposed or government imposed lock down which is complete in some areas and partially imposed in others, these restrictions led people to quarantine. People are hesitant to go back to their working places and resume the work from where they left it because the number of active corona cases are inclining. The fear of getting sick is the ground reason behind the switching of people towards online shopping and this is in fact the reason why the E-commerce sector is making progress by leaps and bounds.

The impact of the pandemic are highly depressing and even hard to imagine in case of health, education, tourism and many other spheres of life, but when it comes to the E-Commerce business, the influence of COVID-19 is very positive and beyond satisfactory for those who are directly or indirectly involved in it. The pandemic has rendered a kind to great favor and service to E. Commerce business community by offering them great business opportunities. 

Since it is officially announced by WHO that COVID-19 is a global pandemic, the lock down and restrictions are made more strict and severe in the active hotpots and hardly hit areas due to which all local markets as well as worldwide business is closed and people are working from home that is again a hard nut to crack. Despite of it, E-Commerce business has become the best option for all the business owners because nobody is certain about the long lasting impacts of this pandemic and there is no assurance about when it will end. That is why people are opting for online buying and selling of products, accessories, appliances and services that has influenced the earnings and working of E-Commerce business. Acowebs, one of the leading developers of E-commerce softwares for Woocommerce related online stores, testifies that their product Woocommerce product addons is actually getting more number of enquiries and sales, since worldwide lockdown has begun.

All the sectors like food, health care, garments, jewelry even entertainment have developed online websites and facilitating applications to help the consumers in buying the required products and availing the desired services in a quicker and easier manner. The influx of daily consumers of grocery and food is highly noticeable because these are the fundamental essentialities that are linked to every human being so going out and risking one's own health is not a better option to consider and nobody is ready to do that happily that is why everyone is preferring to go digital and avail the useful services being offered by E-Commerce business. And developing ecommerce mobile apps turned out to be one of the very high demand service requirements during this pandemic, as many small business owners were really searching for a good mobile app development company to develop an ecommerce app that suits their business model.

It is seen that the impact of COVID-19 is quite evident on E-Commerce where some of the sectors are earning huge profit it can be described by the fact that during the month of March, when the lock down started, the demand for apparels, both casual and festive, increased to a high percentage due to which the concerning sectors earned a lot. One proof of this earned profit is the practice of putting the demanded items on sale. The trend of sale has highly increased after the pandemic of COVID-19 and people are enjoying every moment of it. If only the sale percentage of the fashion industry is evaluated it is noted that there is 21% in the profit form the month of March to April. 

As the people are observing time in self-isolation they have an ample amount of time to spend in their own way so that are naturally attracted towards the skin care and beauty products to stay fit and active that is why these products are on rise which is directly helping the E-commerce to flourish as compared to other businesses. The increased number of food apps that are being introduced widely are the best example of people using the E-commerce industry to get their favorite food items. 

However, the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic are not one-sided; they are in fact double-sided. On one hand E-Commerce is experiencing a boom in production and earning unimaginable profit while on the other hand these businesses are facing new tax impositions that is a great hurdle for them to tackle as it will reduce the selling rate. Then the problems that are causing great troubles in the normal running of E-Commerce business is the delay in delivering the products to the customers and the process of shipping is also badly affected because of the restrictions on vehicles. Moreover there is an unexplainable burden on the certain branches of this industry that it is really tough for the employees to handle the outnumbered influx of the customers especially the food related sectors. Another very problem that the E-Commerce business is facing is that people who are fresh in this domain are unable to understand the pros and cons of this delicate business and this transition from the physical business to the digital one is hard to digest not only the beginners but the trading companies having wide exposure to E-Commerce are also facing problems because of the issues like delayed deliveries and bad reviews from the customers.