Jagroop Singh Bhullar A dreaming life of every burning desirous soul

Ever wondered a life of a nomad? Well, travellers are like them, they can’t stay at a place for longer. They love to discover around, enjoy every bit of adventure and learn from every experience something unique and something different. Same says one of the popular travellers around Jagroop Singh Bhullar. He says, “travelling around among the 20+ countries, all I experienced was a level of the lust of more. It's like an obsession, a feel, from which no matter how hard I try I can’t avoid and run from. It’s a pull you know, this is how I felt standing on those snow-covered mountains in Switzerland. I was able to feel every bit of it through those close eyes. It was like magic I would say.”

From New Delhi to Switzerland this Young face has travelled along with varieties of places which in itself is a wonder to look at. Moscow in Russia, Antwerp in Belgium, Riga in Latvia, Cologne in Germany, Paris in France, etc are some of the recent visits which have taken over his Instagram Handle. From the start of his journey in 2016 June, on Instagram, this young and convincing lad has taken over and reached out to a total of 23.7k Followers therein. They do not just follow him, they live a life with him. He said,” I receive every day a lot of messages on my Instagram account. They guys thank me. I don’t understand why but for them I am like living a life which they can feel sitting at home through my every update. I don’t know how much they are willing or what exactly stops them but I do know if someday I get a chance I would love to make travelling free. I want every single person to live and visit the place they have always dreamt of and until I am alive, I will keep motivating people to look around, because there lies a lot beyond the 4 walls we choose. We have to discover. I don’t say all, but the places we want should never just be a made list. It should be a list full of strikes. That yes, I have done this.”

Magic, nomad, this is what he calls himself to be and this is what a life he lives and enjoys. For him, travelling does involve a lot more than money. It’s a mixture of art, emotion, inner strength and willingness of course without which we are nothing but a dead soul and for him, this travelling is what distinguishes him from others. For him, every visit is a life-changing experience, to not just look around but also see what a broad mind people have outside. A culture, a scene, every piece of the food too makes him feel alive.
“It’s like yesterday was the day when I was born and today is the day I move around caring more for the pros and less for cons.”
His words are the reality which we can’t ignore. It’s the living soul that claims what we are sitting and burning along in the life’s flame.

Can you imagine yourself to be the same? asks Jagroop Singh Bhullar. If not then take a step outside. Even if you are an introvert, travel alone but please just don’t miss out the opportunity to seek and to learn and to see what’s beyond. Jagroop Singh Bhullar does want us to see the world through his eyes, a bit enjoying and with every step one takes, a fear of what comes along. A love for what we dreamt of and a journey which we worth start now rather than an extension to a never.