Joey Stiver’s Business Acumen Brings Moolah Home from the Internet

Have you heard of Vaxxen Labs and Medlabgear? If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast or require regular supplies of medical and research gear, chances are you may have come across these two names. However, it is not the success of these two ventures that has inspired us to write about them, but the grit and determination with which these two companies were built by Joey Stiver, a successful and confident entrepreneur.

Joey Stiver recognized very early on that becoming a businessman required copious amounts of time and money, besides keeping up a constant supply of hard work and faith in the venture as well as the team behind it. The patience with which Joey built his empire selling supplement stacks, pro-anabolics, diabetic supply needs, etc, is the stuff they need to teach at business schools. To the spectators, Stiver may look like he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but that is far from truth.

He has had to struggle and come up the hard way before he tasted any success in life. In fact, looking at his present life, it might be hard to believe that he was once kicked out of college because of his mistakes. From being someone about whom people had given up any hopes of success, Joey Stiver raised two beautiful entities, Vaxxen Labs and Medlabgear. All this with zero support from any godfather figure!

In fact, Joey doesn’t believe in giving up on success further, even after achieving so much. He seems to have decided to not stop after tasting success with these two ventures. He continues to do business with the same passion and love for his work, with which he started. His excellent team, of course, is behind him in every venture.

This smart entrepreneur knows how to earn his living from the huge online market and that is what is guiding his future plan too!