Justin Kimbrough - a powerful package of an entrepreneur, investor and an influencer!

Remember all those moments when you cursed your high school education for not teaching you how to do finance, taxes and invest? Well, Justin Kimbrough has the solution to it all! 
Justin Kimbrough - a powerful package of an entrepreneur, investor and an influencer! He is the man behind Manifest Wealth group Inc. Holdings, E-commerce & Private Equity  Other than that he is also a musician, a pro-golfer, motivational speaker and an avid traveler. 
However, Kimbrough specializes in helping people out with their credit and gibing them the ability to leverage their credit to build a passive income for them. What is passive income you may ask? Well, passive income is a source of income with little to no effort in earning and maintaining it. He also helps his clients to multiply their money with safe outlets.
Justin made his first 6 figures at the age of 18 by trading penny stock with the millionaire stock trader Timothy Sykes. He then went on to make his first million two years later doing affiliate marketing. Kimbrough now owns and has founded 10 successful businesses ranging from e-commerce retail to credit repair, private equity, cannabis/CBD real estate, ATMs, social media marketing, Amazon, Shopify, API programming, etc. 
He is a networking king at all social events and uses it for global successes. He also is a public speaker on finance. If you follow him on instagram (which you should), he is frequently giving out tips and knowledge on the world of investing and finance!  
He is also a positive an motivational speaker. His instagram is filled with positive messages and inspirational quotes. Kimbrough says, "I’m huge about sharing that impacting the world. I would say that’s my calling!". Justin Kimbrough has indeed revolutionized the financial sphere!