Kaki West Swid on her first screenplay & how it ended up at Netflix

Transitioning careers is stressful enough. Spanning careers and keeping one going while expanding your wheelhouse, can feel impossible. Being successful at all of the above? That's truly impressive.

Kaki West Swid is one such personality. 'Model turned actress' is a fairly commonplace occupation. But 'model turned actress turned writer'? That's an entirely different story.

Being surrounded by creative influences from an early age certainly helped. The daughter of a mother who worked as a model, and New York Times bestselling author father, she got into modeling at a young age. She also loved acting and studied it at Whittier College. Between appearing in Maxim, FHM, GQ and Esquire on the one hand, and appearing in Entourage, The League, and The Bronx is Burning on the other (not to mention being a mom of two and a full-time Instagram influencer), it would seem that Swid has her hands full.

But that's not all. Her foray into writing is still relatively recent, but it already appears to be making waves. Her first screenplay, a female-focused horror flick, has piqued the attention of Netflix. To many, that might be good enough. And yet, she is still raring to go.

"I have a lot of things to say and do," Swid says. "Acting and modeling both have been rewarding experiences. I have no intention of leaving them. But creativity never stays in just one place. If you don't grow, don't try new things, don't challenge yourself, then you're just staying still."

Whether this means her script sees the light of day on Netflix – the juggernaut of streaming platforms – or somewhere else, it is clear that Swid is someone determined to make her voice heard. And in entertainment, a world always in need of new and bold voices, this can only be recognized as brilliance.