There are hundreds and thousands of ISP’s today serving the whole world with a highly functional internet connection. The world relies on the internet in every aspect. People do their jobs, homework, projects, research, etc. What could happen if suddenly, the privilege of an internet connection was taken away? Sounds problematic right?

This word is not new for us since we have been experiencing this tragic crisis for the past few months. It looks like it has been a whole year because everything seems so different from the way it was before. Yes, I am talking about the pandemic. This pandemic caused a lot of struggles this year 2020: Schools have shut down, companies temporarily stopped, restaurants closed, the streets became quiet, and more.

Maybe, just maybe, the world is slowly healing but what would this earth be without life on it? Since everything was temporarily stopped, living gets a little bit harder every day. The world’s economy was dragged down to rock bottom by the crisis. Despite that, some companies out there defied incompetency. Yes, that company, that consistent internet service provider of yours out there in Aurangabad City, Kenstar Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. it is!
What’s the Deal with Kenstar Web Solutions?

Just so you know, the company has been the savior of the city. Worry no more for your work-at-home jobs, online classes, online masses, online support system, etc. because they provided internet connection without buckling even for the whole quarantine period in India.

Crazy is what a customer-oriented company can do to its subscribers. Fortunately, Aurangabad has Kenstar Broadband. Coping with the pandemic is hard enough for the community but the company refused to join the weight it gives off. Cheers to the CEO, Dr. Javeed Siddiqui and the members of this company who tirelessly commit themselves in providing Aurangabad the best service not just during the lockdown period, but since its existence.
 Why should I switch to Kenstar Broadband?

1. Consistency
Our top priority today is to achieve a smooth and fast transition during our everyday online experience. During the lockdown, lots of internet service providers are having problems providing quality internet service. Network speed and latency are some of the greatest issues that many ISP’s are facing right now, but Kenstar Web Solutions take one good step further from such inconvenience. The company provided such an exceptional quality of internet during a lockdown: no buffering during the zoom meetings, speed is always on top, and network latency does not hit three-digit numbers.
2. Customer Support
Caring company members with completely motivated customer support is always available at a certain time to be contacted for troubleshooting issues and problems. This customer-oriented company provides a lot of options for you to reach them. Their site even has a page where you can directly type a message and send it right away.
3. Safety 
More than anything else, safety is important. Hackers and other intruders slow down the internet speed but Kenstar Web Solutions assure you that their carefully built system has no door for any virus or intruder to enter.
Technology has greatly changed and the one who aspires to go with it gets it. Kenstar Web Solutions Private Limited is an exceptional company that provides you a vaccine-like cure for your current incompetent service providers. Internet service providers might not be able to devise a cure for this pandemic but surely, this company will help you ease the loads.