Meet Alex Miller: The Credit Score Guru

Before Alex Miller became the founder of ‘Alex Miller Credit Repair,’ he struggled with food shortages and drug overuse for most parts of his adolescence years. However, his commitment towards his life goals led him to overcome the obstacles and today, Alex is proudly known as the ‘Credit Score Guru’ in the industry.

Humble Beginnings
Alex Miller grew up in a small town of LA. He belonged to a low-income family and aimed to transform his family’s financial situation by working hard.

He recalls writing the same goal on a piece of paper when he was young and keeping the paper with him at all times. Whenever he came across a hurdle in life, Alex took a look at the list to divert his focus back on his life goals.

Of course, at one point, the protocol was easier said than done. Just like many other youngsters, Alex got into bad company and started abusing drugs. He even dropped out of college during this time and wasted a few good years of his life.

Fortunately, he realized his mistakes and moved to Atlanta in pursuit of a new life!

The big change
In Atlanta, Alex secured a job in the corporate sales sector at American Express. Here, he learnt the importance of having a good credit score. He also realized the impact of a negative credit score on people’s quality of life and how difficult it is for them to rent a place, get a loan, and even get car insurance at low rates.  

With the intention of doing something to help such people out, Alex Miller said goodbye to his 5-year old lucrative job and began making plans to set up his own credit repair firm.

Alex Miller – Credit Repair
The Alex Miller Credit Repair firm was launched in a small apartment of Houston, TX. Initially, Alex struggled but refusing to give up - tried to help as many people as he could turn their credit score around.
Ultimately, he came up with ‘the 3 round burst,’ a unique protocol that helped repair even the worst credit score, in a very short time frame. The strategy was an instant success and made Alex Miller the ‘credit repair guru’ of the industry.

Today, Alex Miller runs a multi-million dollar company with a client base all across the globe. His dedication towards his goals not only led him to change his own future, but also many others through his company.