Meet famous Sister Brother Jodi Shrishti & Tirth Munka

Bollywood and television have seen many siblings in the past some stay in the limelight and some not. We found one sister and brother pair who are doing well in television and now heading towards B-town.

Shrishti and Tirth Munka brother-sister are in the limelight with their creative work and acting. Shrishti as we all know, is a famous name on television for many things. She is a fabulous fashionistas a designer who is a designer most of the young superstars of TV and Bollywood from many years now. 

Her close ones  also believes that she will become one of the topmost singer and performer too in coming years, as she has a beautiful voice which will give her lots of fame in the coming years. 

Shrishti is a multi talented girl; she has tried everything in life and achieves success with her hard work and passion. Shrishti is in fashion designing, singing and acting. Shrishti is going to come in many short movies and albums in 2020. Coming year for Shrishti is going to be a game-changing year for sure. 

Shrishti has a very talented brother too, who is shining like her. Yes, Tirth Munka is a younger brother of Shrishti already made his name in television and movies by working with A grade actors in the past few years.

Tirth Munka is growing amazingly, and he is aiming Bollywood in 2020. With his acting skills and his cute looks, this 14-year child actor will surely make a name in B-town. Both Sister Brother Duo is very talented and wants to prove their skills in B-town. 

Shrishti is in the right age, and we feel she will make it big with her beautiful looks, fashion sense and adding to the cake is singing a perfect cherry on the cake. She is an ideal combo who will definitely make her name in 2020 with her acting skills too. 

We hope both Munka Brother Sister make it big in 2020 and becomes successful sibling-like others who succeed in Bollywood.