Meet India's Aesthetic Bodybuilder Dhanasekar Sakthivel

We always say a healthy body means a healthy mind. But very few can understand the importance of fit body even in the 21st century in India. We are four-time bigger than the USA, but still, we have not won a Mr Olympia title. It is not like our athletes are not capable, but we feel they are not getting the path to go up to that level. But in the past few years, we see a surge in the bodybuilding world in India. We are now getting many athletes who are competing at a higher level worldwide in different -petitions.

The bodybuilder from Tamil Nadu may not be a household name in the other states. Still, he is silently becoming the biggest name in the Bodybuilding world in India and worldwide. Bodybuilder Dhanasekar Sakthivel, an athlete, who is gaining a massive name in social media with his videos and pictures.
He came into limelight when he regularly won titles in 2017 and 2018.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel is light in the dark in the south as he is becoming a name which is passing all the hurdles which were stopping him from becoming the top athlete of India and the world.

His Journey from TamilNadu to the USA is an interesting one; he is just growing like a rocket aiming all the big titles in his house. Dhanasekar Sakthivel is also becoming famous on the social media platform. His popularity on social media platform has grown from 2017. He has become a brand ambassador of International supplements.

Dhanasekar Sakthivel is the tall and handsome looking guy no lesser than Arnold. He is a perfect face of the south. We feel his career has just started and we can expect much more from him in the coming years. He too might be expecting significant from himself as he is only 23 and he has lots of time in his life where he can earn name and titles on his name.

Here's wishing hope of India in bodybuilding world all the best, we hope that Dhanasekar Sakthivel makes us proud by participating in mega-events in Bodybuilding.