Meet the upcoming digital genius of India: Rajul Raghuvanshi

In today’s relentless society, social media is not just a platform to communicate anymore. It has become this big stage to impart all the information, a dais to the advertisement industry, and an opportunity towards growth. When it comes to marketing, social media has taken over other organs of advertisements significantly.  Any startup today would essentially require good social media management, and with regards to this, comes RRR Media and Rajul Raghuvanshi. 

Rajul Raghuvanshi created RRR Media Group as a marketing company that would provide social media management, paid ADS, Instagram Growth, and marketing services. Believing in the philosophy of thinking vertically and not horizontally, Raghuvanshi mastered his business by vertical integration. Rather than trying to enter different markets at the same time, he focused on one and excelled in it. Thus, in a small amount of time, he managed to create a family of 154+ happy clients across 15 countries. 

This Digital Genius knows how to pave ways to success. He has worked with several international clients and helped them gain consistent social and monetary returns. Being an expert in social media marketing, Rajul has helped numerous influencers, brands, coaches, business owners who wanted to expand their online presence. 

Raghuvanshi believes that a firm can only stand out if it works upon providing the best assistance, and RRR Media has taken precedence in the same. It has helped multiple 6-8 figure entrepreneurs to scale their business with ROI proven growth strategies and paid ads. 
While talking about the success mantra, Raghuvanshi personally believes in the Pareto Principle. He says that if one devotes 20% of one’s time to self-management, it increases one’s success to 80%. Managing other people can be difficult until one learns to manage self. The initial phase, as Rajul says, was regarding the scalability. After getting through these hurdles, he effectively helped other international agencies to overcome the same problems by offering a white-label partnership.  With the dream of building multiple businesses, Rajul is an inspiration for many of us who would like to punch above the weight.