Mohit Kumar: connecting people with stories

Stories connect people. You can see it in the way the words entangle people into their web so that they become a part of the story- empathising and living it together as one. But stories evolve, much like the people in them and writing them.  

Microfiction has been birthed from a fervent consumption of online content and the forerunner of this change, The Scribbled Stories, is co-founded by Mr. Mohit Kumar.

20-year-old Mohit is a content connoisseur who had three years ago decided that he wanted to change the way people read stories. And as he flipped through his notebook, he ended up pausing on the last few pages filled with ideas, random strings of words and doodles. It was from these end pages that he began his online journey by creating a Microfiction platform. 

Today, numbers themselves speak of the way he added a whole new kind of genre to the art form of fictional writing. With an active online audience of 2 million poets, readers, writers, and artists engage with the content 3 steps beyond the organic 'like', Mohit didn't make a choice based on options, he just created an opportunity for himself on his own.

Primarily acting as a Content Curator at The Scribbled Stories, Mohit also leads the Brand Collaboration Team. From pitching to potential clients to presenting the campaign reports, he is involved actively in every the core step. The Scribbled Stories has had multiple collaborations with a myriad of organisations in the past years, ranging from NGOs to Bollywood Movies. 

The two times-TEDx speaker along with inspiring generations of writers with his words is also a TEDx Curator helping to cement the future of content creation and consumption, as and how the reader wants it. Mohit side-by-side organises and heads content workshops all across the country. Currently, he is busy working on his debut book, travelling, and focusing on the first-love of any writer, reading. 

It is worth mentioning that storytelling has become one of the core marketing functions for big corporations. Advertising has taken a turn to being more than throwing things at the consumer, and creative content has acted as a strong pillar to its success. With this comes a strong fight for the consumer's attention, with time becoming a differentiating criterion. This is where The Scribbled Stories and its Microfiction content gives the best shot. Microfiction, in the form of a Micro Tale delivers this in 25 or lesser words while keeping the theme intact. The Scribbled Stories, though does not limit itself by including multiple longer content formats like Snippets, Open Letters, Poems or Stories. The platform at its heart is after all an amalgamation of writers trying to break stereotypes, just like it's co-founders. 

As said in the beginning - stories connect people, here at The Scribbled Stories it's all about inclusiveness, and for this the platform calls in for submissions for any and all people. Anyone from any part of the world can send in their work to the online portal for any of the formats and get the thrill of being a published writer, with us.

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