Natasha Shrotri’s Girl Crush Series Is Definitely En Vogue!

Gone are those days when key magazine editors held the front row positions in fashion shows. Today, the front row seats are reserved for top fashion influencers and celebrities. Growth of digital marketing consequently observed the growth of fashion influencers. Talking about fashion influencers, if you think staying stylish round the clock is an easy task, then ask Natasha Shrotri- Instagram's leading fashion influencer, for she will tell you how challenging and frenzied it is. Natasha has an army of 119k+ followers on Instagram. Talking about Army, Natasha is the daughter of a military officer and has had the fortune to travel across the country and experience its diverse cultures during her childhood days. 

Even with an engineering degree, Natasha always had a flair for fashion. Natasha thought of exploring her interests while living in Buenos Aires. She made her debut into the scene in the year 2010, when she started her blog deeply inspired by elegant Argentinean clothing. Today, after serving almost a decade in the digital space, she is a popular pick for brands and event-holders. She runs advertisements, campaigns and brand projects, time and again on her page. 

Her penchant for styling and experimenting is seen on every post of hers. Adding a feather to her cap, Natasha has ventured into video content production with her online series called 'Girl Crush'.  This episodic series captures Natasha styling her real-life friends in the sleekest way possible. On being asked about the series, Natasha said "With Girl Crush, I want to bring together girls in different professions and social-media bloggers. I want every girl to feel inspired to have fun with fashion and uplift each other". Advocating inclusivity boldly in the videos, Natasha is already creating waves and drawing appreciation for her efforts. Showing powerful female friendships, Girl Crush videos are beaming with the 'dress more-care less' vibe in volumes. So, go check it out on her Instagram handle @natasha_shrotri. 

Natasha loves setting signature styles and when you'll see her feed, you will know how her fashion game is always on point. Sometimes she is seen dressing modestly and sometimes she is fashioning like a bomb, exploding in pop colours and patterns. She's a pro at blending trends and creating unique styles out of urban and street style clothing. One thing is for sure, if you love all things stylish, you're going to love Natasha's account!