New York Based Actor Mike Yang Gives Advice To Actors During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to Covid-19, numerous Film and TV productions have been put on a pause, without any exact date on when things will go back to normal. This has not only left many members of the industry jobless, it has also put the industry in a state of shock; constantly trying to figure out the next step.

Below are some significant points that can help us all deal with this situation in a better way, as well as lead us to a clearer understanding of what we should be doing next.

1. Improve your skills and get better at what you do. Although many of us face the predicament of having to stay home, now is an amazing time to train ourselves. Take online classes, read books in your field and practice at home so that you will come out of the pandemic better and more employable.  

2. Seek opportunities online. Try your best to find jobs or internships that you can do as soon as the pandemic is over. Get ahead in the game so that you will be more successful than those who sit home watching TV all day. 

3. Set a list of tasks for yourself everyday and hold yourself accountable. It’s easy to simply relax all day and end up wasting all your time. But you can avoid this by setting a clear work schedule. Keeping yourself busy also makes you more satisfied and less prone to depression. 

4. Be in the present. During quarantine, I find it very easy to get in my head, lose track of time as well as worry about things that might not even be true. However, I’ve found that staying in the present grounds me in reality and keeps me productive and positive. 

5. Lastly, remember to always unwind at the end of the day. We are not machines and we all need rest. An appropriate amount of relaxation helps us stay happy and productive in the long run. You don’t want to get burned out.  

The above mentioned suggestions have been provided by Mike Yang; a New York based actor, musician, and model. Yang began to play the violin at the age of five. He quickly distinguished himself among his peers and performed at some of China's most renowned concert halls, including the Guangzhou Opera House. Seeking a new outlet of artistic expression, Yang decided to move to New York to pursue acting in 2019. He is currently enrolled at the NYU Tisch School of The Arts where he is pursuing his BFA in Acting.