Pedro Rolle Jr. A Photographer’s Quest for Eternity Through His Lens

Who doesn’t like to admire beauty? Whether it is in the physical sense or in aesthetic sense, beauty always attracts more so a photographer with an eye for detail cannot escape the pull of a beautiful object. Pedro Rolle Jr is one such photographer, who uses his lens to admire, appreciate and capture all things beautiful. 

His Instagram handle is proof that Pedro Rolle Jr., or PRJ, his preferred acronym, is a connoisseur of everything beautiful. From sexy babes to equally gorgeous scenery, PRJ loves to capture everything for posterity with the help of his camera.

Hailing from the beautiful Bahamas island, Nassau to be specific, he didn’t realize he wanted to go into photography as a career during those initial years. He has been the smartest in his class. In fact, he holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Florida International University, but eventually ended up behind the lens.

He calls himself a ‘pretty simple guy’ who likes all the cool things in life, such as pizza, video games, sports, Hip Hop, etc. He spends most of his days shooting and the rest of the time editing whatever he captures.

A successful and accomplished photographer-entrepreneur, PRJ knows just one thing, “If you love something enough, you’ll find a way to keep that thing you love around.”

His career started veering towards photography when his intense love for expression and creation found an outlet in his drawing and taking pictures. Pedro also moved to Mexico, to learn Spanish. After earning his Civil Engineering degree, he decided to open a recording studio. It was during this time, when he continued taking pictures of his artists on the sidelines, that he realized that he should drop everything and focus on photography.

Rest, as they say, is history!