Pradeep Kumar opens up about Blogging and Social Responsibility

We are living in a digital era; we have everything online. Do you want to read books? Open your Kindle eBook. Do you want to watch a movie? Open your Netflix account. Do you want to play games? Google Stadia will be your answer. The point is, everything is online these days. Bloggers play a massive role in this, even if some of them don't realize this yet. Pradeep Kumar is a professional blogger from Chennai, and he has written/edited a countless number of online articles for several years.

He runs a blog network called Slashsquare, and he covers random topics like tech, movies, food, books, travel, etc. Apart from that, he also runs a group of online communities for them. He says, "People these days rely a lot on online content. An average netizen won't be able to tell the difference between a clickbait website and a news website. For them, it's just a website, and whatever written on that website is genuine." People get easily fooled and scammed online; this happens each and every day in one way or another. 

If they are going to lose money, then that's something some can recover over a period of time. But, these days, most people highly prefer the Internet for searching Health-related queries as well. Pradeep Kumar adds, "If you are going to write something online, let it be about Health, Travel, or even about Science, you might feel like you are writing for yourself. The moment it reaches Google, then it's visible for all the billions of Internet users in the world." If you write like you tried something and it worked for you, then the people who are reading it are going to do the same. You need to be extremely careful about the words you publish online. 

Blogging is a popular passion and profession amongst the youth, thanks to the growth of Digital Marketing as well. When they decide to make it a business, they'll try all the possible ways to generate traffic to their blog. In this journey, some people tend to modify their content in a way they shouldn't. A piece of wrong information on the Internet is a black mark; one can't easily erase just like that. Just like how Erica Albright from the movie 'The Social Network (2010)' quotes: "The Internet's not written in pencil, Mark, it's written in ink." That's the hard reality. 

Pradeep Kumar, as a Blogger, hires a lot of content writers frequently for his blogs and edits them before he publishes. He says hiring content writers is difficult than actually writing the content himself. The trick is not to hire a content writer who can write good but hire a person who genuinely wants to share his/her experience online. Content writing is a popular freelance option these days. Almost everybody needs content. 

This is the era of digital marketing, as a reader and as a blogger, we need to understand our social responsibilities. Facebook is working really hard to combat fake stories on its platform; we need to do our best to stop this from spreading too. Online content impacts a lot, especially during election times, in a much viral way, one can possibly never imagine. The Slashsquare founder recommends online users to verify all the information they share online carefully. Just because you get something on your family WhatsApp group doesn't mean it's true. Just because something is viral and shared by all your friends doesn't mean it's true. Always verify it by cross-checking on all the reputed news websites and sources. You become both a victim and a victimizer when you share wrong information online. You should consistently report fake news and stories before it spreads further. This is the essential step we all should do as an Internet user.