Providing employment is the biggest achievement of a successful entrepreneur: Story of remote town boy, Biplab Kumar Sinha

The biggest achievement of an entrepreneur's life is not to be employed, but to employ people. A guy from a remote village of West Bengal who dared to do something big. 

Meet Biplab Kumar Sinha, born in a small town of Bankura and has emerged as one of the most esteemed entrepreneurs of Kolkata.

In this world of competition, it's impossible to be successful without a big family name attached, but Biplab Kumar Sinha has left no stones unturned.  Born on 26th July 1984, he completed his schooling from the small-town of West Bengal. From his childhood, he was a very dedicated student and a passionate cricket player.

After completing education, he pursued MBA, worked hard and established himself as a successful businessman. His journey of entrepreneurship has hurdles all the way, but it was his self-esteem and confidence which made him stronger every time.

All the difficult situation was tackled by him by listening to both the parties as being the head of the organization in business. 

Although ups and downs are part of a life but, to get through it is not a cup of tea for everyone. For Biplab, it was his father who stood by him through every situation. He pays his extreme gratitude and respect for his father for the immense support and love he showed. 

Being a successful entrepreneur, the biggest lesson he has learned is to create an atmosphere like home for the  coworkers and employees so that they can be comfortable and give their best. A work that involves a lot of pressure doesn't have permanent success. 

He condemns how people leave their dreams without taking any fight. Passion and dedication is what he hunts for and treasures the most. Mantra for success is to never give up on your dreams, but to keep on improving. 

By providing jobs to nearly 500 students in the industry, he is living his dream of reaching out to deserving people for providing employment and life. 

His message for young generation:
"Work hard and keep believing in yourself. Spread your hands to co-operate and love others."