Research well ahead of getting a Body art done, says renowned tattoo artist Aakash Chandani

Tattoos are huge craze when it is concerned to millennials. Almost every other youth wants to get body art done. But most of the people generally follow simple rule that is either getting tattooed from where some of their friend has got it done or getting some interesting design somewhere from the internet and getting it done from nearest tattoo parlour.

But for all those, who want the body art done for the first time or for even those who already have, and going to have a new one, for right advice we recently met very well recognized ink artist Aakash Chandani and tried  to understand what are the things one must take care of before getting this permanent marking on one's body.

Aakash has many valuable things to elaborate about the art, it’s impact and things everyone should take care of before getting inked.
What are tattoos
Aakash says that, before getting inked one must understand that tattoos are permanent marking made on the second layer of the skin with the help of needles and ink,  this marking will be there on your body for life time, removing it is actually very difficult and painful job, So decide well ahead before you actually get a tattoo. The decision should not be based on trends or just craze for few days.

Research well ahead:
Ones you have decided that you really want this permanent marking, search the various types of designs that are available, scroll through the Internet and various social media app. Do not run after the trends, get the advice from expert and get a customized tattoo that suits your personality, Prefer not to tell the artist to imitate some other artist's work as each artist puts lots of effort to develop their own designs and none like their work to be copied or to copy someone’s work.

Aakash has a sincere advice to all the youngsters ' Please avoid getting name of your partner as tattoo' He further elaborates that “please do not use any designs, which you might have to regret later,And moreover there are many other ways to express your love and dedication, You just don’t need to show off by inking someone’s name on your body.” He adds that “most of the time it is difficult to remove or cover-up such tattoos.”

Ones you have zeroed in on design, search a good tattoo artist, an expert. Aakash says 'Every artist has his/her specific forte, search social media , go through profile of various tattoo artist, and select the one who is an expert in type of theme or design you want. He further says that “do not go to a random artist just to save little money, you might regret it later, as similar designs made by just another artist and an expert have very visible difference.”

For beginners, he has a sincere advice “ Try to select the minimalist and small design for your first tattoo, as most first timers find it difficult to bear the pain and large sessions of bigger designs. A tattoo artist puts lots of hard work to put his piece of art on you, and if you tell him to leave his work in between, it could be quite demotivating for him/her.”

Next most important point which is extremely important is deciding a tattoo studio, visit the studio before getting tattooed and observe their hygiene , the entire environment of the studio has to be very hygienic, as,if you don’t take care of this aspect you may develop serious skin allergies or infections.

To go/Not to go for color tattoos:
Aakash suggest that unless and until you have very fair tone of skin do not go for colour tattoos, as the design that you have opted might not look similar on brown or dark tones of skin, and moreover the colors' impact fades over the time, so go for a single color tattoo preferably.
Work Or Profession:
There are few profession where tattoos are not appreciate or even accepted, “so if you are in any of such profession, get the tattoo in the covered area, such as t-shirt area, where it is not visible outside” says Aakash. For youngsters my advice is do think before getting body art done specially if you are planning for a career in armed forces or airlines. Tattoos are prohibited in this profession, you can not join armed force if you have tattoo.”

Forbidden Areas:
“If you ask for suggestion from me or any good tattoo artist, it’s same don’t go for tattoos on area such as under the eye, forehead or neck or any of private area of body” And if you are going to be inked for first time please don’t go for areas like, Near elbow, knee or any area which has very less flash, as these are the area where it pains more.”

Adhere to guidelines:
Aakash says it is very necessary to follow all the guidelines before getting tattooed. Get your blood sugar level checked as tattooed are not allowed for diabetic person. Do not consume alcohol atleast for 24 hours before you are planning to get inked, as it may lead to excess bleeding and also have your stomach full. Apart from this there are many other guidelines that tattoo artist will inform you, Follow them strictly

Post Tattoo Care:
Post Tattoo Care is as important as we following the guidelines before getting tattooed. Atleast for 15 days you need to take all the precautions otherwise you may get allergies or infections
These are few expert advice from Aakash, Everyone should follow them so that your first tattoo experience is a thing to remember for you rather than being a nightmare.