Riding his way to the top as a successful digital entrepreneur is Jordan Franze.

He has conquered global markets with his digital marketing agency 'Kaizen Conversion'. Some people want to achieve a specific life goal, while others want to push the envelope and work in a field that shows off their entrepreneurial adaptability and hard work. As more businesses and brands turn to the internet to better reach their goal audiences and expand their market share, their widespread use of digital specialists has grown in the world of digital media and online business. All brands aspire to generate more leads and to get the most out of their leads in each stage of their purchasing journey, the brands should have a funnel conversion strategy for all levels of the funnel. Measuring and testing the effectiveness of their strategy allows them to make further improvements and determine what is working. This is where experienced entrepreneurs like Jordan Franze come in, with their sharp business sense and unwavering passion, aiming to make their clients more profitable through innovative data-driven strategies and leveraging his in-depth knowledge of online consumer behavior.

Franze has an edge on the digital industry from the very beginning. Since he is currently the world's most renowned digital sales expert, brands from all over the world are queuing up for his help. He understands how audiences think and how to promote people and businesses online using effective sales funnel techniques. All thanks to his comprehensive understanding of the digital world, which caters to their whims and fancies of his clients the right way. He was born on 25 July 1998 in Adelaide, South Australia, and is the founder and CEO of a well known consulting agency named 'Kaizen Conversion'. His company uses conversion optimization to help organizations produce more leads and sales. Their award-winning business uses sales and marketing funnels and marketing automation to help brands and entrepreneurs convert more clicks into consumers.

Although some business owners are abandoning the term 'marketing funnel' because they believe it is too mechanical or simplistic to express the lead nurturing process that leads to a transaction. However, Franze claims that it is still a great technique to convey a complicated process and that it is an excellent vision to visualize the full process from beginning to end. 'Kaizen Conversation' has built a reputation for creating top-notch sales funnels and websites that convert the highest number of clicks into customers. They assist their clients in capturing up to 300 percent more revenue on average. That’s the reason the company is scaling every year. When asked about what excites him the most about his business today, Franze answers, “The competitive nature of the digital world creates new challenges and new opportunities. As more and more industries move their efforts online, succeeding is becoming far more difficult. Those who thrive are brands which focus on their digital effectiveness, tracking, testing, and refining continuously.”

When it comes to hiring potential talent for his firm, it all comes down to company cultural alignment, character, work ethic, and values. He believes that while virtually all skills can be learned, being a high-performing member of the team is uncommon. “High performing employees are the people in whom it is worthwhile to invest resources in order to teach because they will be our long-term employees and will give their all to our team”, says Franze. He is now a world-renowned digital expert, putting his expertise in the communication world to the service of those associated with him professionally, and is known for dealing with a diverse range of clients from various walks of life.

Visit www.kaizenconversion.com or follow him on www.facebook.com/jordan.franze.908 to know more about him.