Rishabh Vyas, founder of Baromeeter, pledged to make partying and socializing simpler for Delhiites

Born in Rajasthan and brought up in Delhi, Rishabh got an MBA degree in Finance & Marketing from the Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad, and a BBA degree from Amity School of Business. He worked in the restaurant and F&B industry to gain hands-on experience before taking the entrepreneurial route. 

With a knack for organizing parties and special events, Rishabh, amongst his friends, is the one person who can be trusted to find the best place to meet up and have fun. On one such event, when Rishabh was entrusted by his father to find out a happening place for a nice family get-together dinner, he was left disappointed when he couldn’t find good deals online. The disappointment struck Rishabh again while he was looking out for good deals online to plan a reunion and party with his school friends. This is when he had a minor epiphany which led to the birth of Baromeeter (registered as a subsidiary of Murv Mobitech Private Limited) - a 360-degree mobile platform enabling the youth to discover anything and everything related to 'Going-out'! 

Launched in 2016, Rishabh’s sole purpose behind introducing Baromeeter was to make ‘fun’ easier by enabling the party-goers to discover the best deals, venues, etc. at one place. At a consumer level, Baromeeter lets anyone and everyone who’s planning to go out and have some fun or simply make their evenings memorable by going-out use the website or the app, browse through the available deals and book it for themselves. 

Baromeeter currently has three features - BOM Deals, BOM Social and BOM parties that seamlessly function together to create a niche in the market.
BOM Deals offer real-time and the best discount deals at cafes across town. The deals are created and posted by the cafes themselves (via dashboard services) and curated by the Baromeeter team, giving users relevant information required for booking the best deals with ease.
BOM Social feature lets the user chat and connect with everyone at the venue. With BOM Social, one can discover random people or friends sitting at the same venue and meet them. The feature also lets users measure the crowd at a particular place before going there.

BOM Parties feature lets you skip the ordeal one has to go through while planning a party and do the same more conveniently. All one has to do is fill in the required details such as location, no. of guests, date & time, etc. get the best quotes in real-time from cafes and restaurants in your desired location, choose the offers that suit them and book the venue. 

While functioning out of Delhi NCR, Baromeeter receives over 1,000 deal bookings and over 200+ party bookings monthly.

Rishabh believes that growth happens only when there is a solid structure and therefore, he is currently focusing on standardizing the whole F&B industry. He is currently looking for investments from angel investors to expand geographically into other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. and introduce a new app to enter into a neck-to-neck  competition in the socialising space with major players like Tinder, Trulymadly, etc. 

As for Baromeeter, Rishabh will currently work towards building several unique strategies that will help the platform create a niche in the crowded restaurant deals space.