Rohit Ugale's SATMAT Technologies is limitless and fearless.

SATMAT Technologies established in 2017 is achieving new heights daily. From collaborations to awards helping new startups to providing employment , Pune's SATMAT is doing nothing less.

Rohit Ugale the Founder and CEO of SATMAT Technologies comes from a middle class family from Nashik. He was a average student in school and never wanted to study in college like other students. He changed streams, subjects finding his skills. He always wanted to work in IT and start something of his own.

Continuing on his dreams and skipping classes and with no interest in Science and Maths he started made his own chatting application SATMAT -( Sit on a mat and chat) Later he started working for other companies by working on their applications and realised that's what he liked.

Later leaving event management college for making his dream come true he started SATMAT Technologies and today are  working with various banks and other companies in developing IT solutions.

Recently he was honoured with International Glory Award by Sonu Sood at Goa on 28th of August.

Rohit says," This is just beginning and they will never stop working"
He accepted the award on behalf of his whole team. International Glory Award is given in different fields for their achievements. More than 1000 companies were present at this event which was organised and hosted by Mr. Sonu Sood.