Ruben O' Brien and Oliver Maloney’s Vanquish is becoming a Leading Clothing Brand in the Fitness world.

With the growth of the fitness industry, we see a surge in high-profile athletes wearing street clothing as garments of choice. Vanquish are actively competing with top companies like Nike, Reebok and Adidas designing innovative, stylish clothing for athletes. To market their products they employ some of the world's top athletes and influencers so that they can reach more and more people around the globe.

Vanquish Fitness are fast emerging as one of the leading brands giving fierce competition to top brands by providing some spectacular quality clothing wear in the market.

Vanquish was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Ruben O'Brien and his friend Oliver Maloney, who come from North London in the United Kingdom.
They planned their dream project, started their business and brought their products to the market in 2015. This was after finishing university, aged 22 and 23 respectively. Ruben and Oliver utilised their student loans to create Vanquish.

To give some background about the owners, Ruben did a BSc in Computer Science and Oliver did a BA in Business Management. As soon as they completed their studies they both spent day and night working on their dream of setting up Vanquish Fitness. They started with gym apparel as they were inspired by street wear trends as well as functional designs.
This small company which started in 2015 has become a significant brand within the fitness industry. After just 4 years Vanquish is now giving fierce competition to top brands. Lately, they attended four global exhibitions in the UK, France, Germany and the USA. The latter was the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio where they personally met the world famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. At all of these exhibitions they had a fabulous response from the public to their brand.

The main reason Vanquish is enjoying such success in the market is because of the impressive quality of their products. Currently Vanquish is affiliated with top fitness and bodybuilding ambassadors in the sports industry.

The company’s network of athletes collectively has a following or over 25 million followers on Instagram alone and over 40 million with other channels included.

Ruben O'Brien, Oliver Maloney and their team are doing fantastic work and we think Vanquish Fitness is going to be the leading brand in the fitness world within the next few years.