Sameer Mahuli to launch India’s first B2P smart Digital Marketing platform

The World Wide Web has an array of things to offer. Things that have rapidly being transformed to online from offline, and one example of the same is a digital marketing. The space that more and more people are venturing into and which is only here to grow with time.
With the advancement of digital marketing, comes the foundation of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is already a huge market in the West. And India, being the fastest growing economy with the second largest population in the world, has a significant stake in the AI revolution. Sameer Mahuli, one of the experts from the field and who has also been actively involved with all the major social media platforms for developing digital strategies and transformational roadmaps — is all set to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India. Artificial Intelligence is popularly known as narrow AI, in that it is designed to perform a narrow task (e.g. only facial recognition or only internet searches or only driving a car). Recognising AI’s potential to transform economies and the need for India to strategise its approach, We all know how rapidly AI is growing across the world and Sameer Mahuli wants the same in India too.
Sameer Mahuli who is a Digipreneur (Digital Entrepreneur) and an advisor to many top level brands and ventures is here to make you witness a new revolution with India's first B2P (Business to Payment) Model. B2P will be the layer between Businesses and their Performance KPI mechanism which will entirely by powered by AI. An oracle and venture capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee had said, “AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity."
Business to Payment (B2P) as a platform layer will have the ability to make recommendations and produce answers based on AI and data patterns helping the platform inferences and drive conversions, which is precisely what humans cannot do on a mass scale and precisely what our existing ecosystem demands. AI has disrupted almost every industry and according to reports, the AI market is expected to generate $3 trillion in revenue by 2024.
Beside spearheading the B2P model for Digital India, Sameer also has been a strategic part of the growth mechanism for News-makers and Celebrities in the Bollywood / Sports / Business and Political worlds. As per his Linked In profile, he has developed a deep understanding of the Digital Eco-systems Tech tools including AI and Machine learning etc. to help Brands develop Data Analytics / Sales Optimization strategies while maintaining cost efficiencies and better ROI.