Sangar Azeez Mohammed: A Video Content Creator and Marketer Who Offers Excellent Results

Sangar Azeez has come a long way when it comes to Video Content creator and market. He is the man behind his company Creative Ideas & DIY Simple, but before he embarked with in the market, he did many things to prepare himself to get into this. Interestingly, he had no background in his family of IT or social media. In fact, when he was growing up things have just started and social media came later. But he kept it a point to learn things while he was brought up in this domain.

While he was a student he had his interest in this field and made sure to get an edge over social media along with learning things like search engine optimization, working with different video content creation tools and many more. He worked at different places both part time and full time getting an edge over the digital media activities. When things turned smooth for him, he was ready to launch his company called Creative Ideas & DIY Simple. It dealt with the digital marketing thing, but he was specialised in video content creation that helped him bag many projects.

He started getting projects and clients not just from the Middle East but also from the western nations. He travelled a lot for business and pleasure that helped him to boost up his vision and skill sets. He finally came out with creative ideas for their digital marketing solutions. He has remained good in video content creation that helped many businesses turn brand and prosper in the tough market. So, from a small town young boy of Iraq, this man has carved his niche in the world of digital marketing.