Sanjay Kumar: A social entrepreneur with a great appetite for success

Let us go through the success story of a young teenager from his childhood to quest for success.

Early Childhood and Education 
“Difficulties lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping old ones” - Maynard Keynes 
Sanjay Kumar was born in a middle-class family, and he was blessed with loving parents, three brothers and a sister. Sanjay was a creative soul; he did not take the traditional idea of excellent academics and a stable job; instead, he opted for a course in printing technology. Sanjay joined the Pusa institute of technology after completing his 10th standard in 2016. Sanjay and his college mate brainstormed on the social media business opportunities and were convinced to make a foray in the digital media. Sanjay was inspired by the founders of an e-commerce giant, notably Jack Ma, who carved out a niche in online buying and selling platform “Alibaba. Sanjay had big dreams of owning a house and a car.

Social media platforms provided the impetus for fulfilling Sanjay’s dream, which called for creativity and was seen as a differentiator for one to succeed along with perseverance. Sanjay ventured into digital ad space through Google ad sense and Facebook, Sanjay’s curiosity to explore made him very creative, and his success was not a surprise. He had a following of 10 million on Instagram and 5 million on Facebook. His long-cherished dream of owning a house and car was taking shape.

“If everything is under control, you are not going fast enough” - Morio Andretti 

Sanjay had explored other areas of digital space, like e- com, drop shipping. It provided the spur to continue in this space. He suffered few setbacks when Google Adsense disabled his account, and Facebook followed it with the restriction on the number of ads. Sanjay now has an Apple product collection. Sanjay’s enthusiasm to achieve would create avenues for growth in tough phases. Sanjay’s success could be attributed to his creativity and passion for doing something.