Shoaib Patwary Blends Media with Cyber Security to Give the message to the world

Shoaib Patwary has been the student of media during his undergraduate program. However, his first love has remained on computers and cyberspace. He had one subject as computers but it was more from the perspective of media and the way it can be applied in this world. But his interest has been in the domain of cyber security and cyber crimes. He explored the subject at length to get into the crux of the same. He also joined some short term courses on cyber security getting an ethical hacking certification.

This helped him to work in the Cyber Security domains getting into the cyber crime department of the Police and security forces. He helped to nab the criminals and anti-social elements who remained active in this domain. He soon got an idea of making people aware of the security threats one faces in his or her life with the growing number of cyber criminals. He then worked hard to make a script based on this subject and embarked upon a short film covering this theme in and out.

Soon he was able to launch his film and he was able to get a good response, as well as the theme, was unique and interesting and such short films with similar themes are the demand for the day. One day he intends to work with the stars of B Town on similar subjects like Shah Rukh Khan or Nawazuddin Siddiqui whom he likes a lot. Since he feels that the subject of cybersecurity is an evolving subject, he intends to go long in this field. Hence he has enrolled in the Master's program in Cyber Security from a reputed university in Sweden to get better versed with the norms and modus operandi in this field so that he can continue unmasking them