Social worker Abdul Qadir shares best tips to win against the pandemic psychologically

In the midst of global pandemic, keeping up with self motivation and being productive is itself a challenge.
Physician Abdul Qadir shares some valuable points to balance our inner souls. The power of positivity and mindfulness gives different dimensions to life, which makes the living easier. When the whole world is mourning over COVID19 disease repercussions, the ray of hope is much needed. The increasing number of deaths, elevation in unemployment, decreasing rate of GDP, economical crisis, global recession are killing us everyday gradually. 
Social worker Abdul Qadir gives some valuable tips to fight back with the inner monsters.

1. Positive environment: Self motivation is the key to abundant happiness. It can unlock various optimistic possibilities. Read more books about your subconscious mind, and apply the formula of happiness in reality. 

2. Celebrate small achievements: Even if you are going slowly, but steadily you still have chances to win the race. Celebrate every achievement, be it attending an international webinar or trying a new recipe at home. Learning something is always a great achievement. 

3. Surround yourself by optimistic people: The world is already going through a crisis, and you especially do not need further negativity to make your life intolerable. Optimistic people spread the energy of happiness which is a precious element of human nature, cherish it. 
Government has done a lot of things to help the people below the poverty line, but there are various NGOs and people like Abdul Qadir who come to serve humanity to the needy. Living a life is a dynamic process, and getting through the hurdles to achieve success has another charm of accomplishment. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. The young generation is the actual power of the country; if they rise then they can change the whole perspective of this country.  
Social worker Abdul Qadir teaches us that if your motive is pure, no obstacle can stop you. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Social Workers are the gem of society.

During COVID19 pandemic, physician Abdul Qadir distributed basic ration to more than 1500 families. Rice, pulses, sugar, salt, oil, medicine, and other essentials were given to them. Physician Abdul Qadir also wants to give free service in his village Mahul, district Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. 
Social worker Abdul Qadir is also media coordinator of one of the India’s leading PR firm, named Fametick Media (  It is a public relations agency which helps new entrepreneurs to grow their business. They also provide high quality services for content writing, ORM Consultation, public relation, web development, etc.  

Social work was what he always wanted to do as a priority in his life. He always found a way or the other to help the patients who are in need. Be it medicines, food, etc. always made it to help them. Speaking of this pandemic, all colleges shut down. This was the time where every individual was put to test.