Trust but always VERIFY, advices Bangalore based Housethome, to Indian Art Buyers Online!

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life !” said the famous Painter Picasso years ago, and Homeowners today in India too are taking a keen interest in buying & showcasing beautiful paintings & art works in their homes. From high end art, to affordable ones, to limited edition prints, Indian home owners are today, spoilt for choices.  Galleries have now come online & several provide free art consultation and advice too, to help home owners get on their art journey. 

Millennials & young Indians today aspire to start early and build an art collection.  Nalini Bharggav who heads the Art Team at Housethome shares, “A lot of young people have start collecting contemporary artworks, and we are today seeing several of our buyers and enquiries from art enthusiasts, who are in their twenties and mid-thirties. This is so encouraging, and Online consultations, curated catalogues followed by hand holding works great for young buyers since they are more comfortable with the digital platform, which offers them ease & convenience and gets them started on their art journey”.

We always encourage younger collectors that we work with to ask questions and learn more about the artist before deciding to buy their artwork online. This is essential, because this way you can find out their story, what inspires them and what kind of art they are creating. Also, spending some time researching the artist also create a 'sense of intimacy' and knowing more about the artist makes for great conversation about the piece once you hang it in your home. Ultimately of course, the thing that should rule above all else, though, is whether or not you're in love with the work.

Of course, there is always the haunting question at the back of the mind, when buys online, especially large ticket purchases like Art Works. So, what are some of the checks and balances a buyer can follow, before taking the online plunge to buy his favourite Art Work?

“TRUST but VERIFY Always!”  advices Nalini Bharggav. Before placing an order for an expensive Art work, we always advice buyers to ensure they do their homework on the online platform they are buying from. In today's day and age, it’s frankly not very difficult for one to browse online and check out the vendor’s online website, it’s reviews, it’s social media presence, it’s brand credibility & engagement quality with it’s customers etc, before placing an order. Questions like is the Founder/CEO of the website into the art business, do they have adequate knowledge, do they have a variety of inventory you can look at etc, all go to build that element and layer of trust. 

Further, Nalini advices, there are some basic checks buyers could conduct when buying art online. Check if the website is secure, is it using an SSL certificate; ensure you keep your antivirus/antispyware software updated on your computer, so you do not get caught in some phishing scam or lose your credit card and bank details to some fraudulent website. Use a familiar website; check if the website you are planning to buy from has a telephone no and contact details of the Brand you are buying from. Speak to the Team there to get familiar and have all your queries addressed to your satisfaction. Lastly, and most importantly, do not forget to check the websites return policy, its privacy policy and most importantly ensure all the Art Work you buy, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Small steps like these, will go a long way in ensuring you can pick up your Art Online hassle free, and enjoy that beautiful work on your wall, for years to come, and hopefully it’s a good investment too”, signs off Nalini Bharggav., today has collaborated with over 150 plus of India's finest Artists, and have a portfolio or art works, across budgets, sizes, styles.  The Housethome Team today works closely with its artist base, in offering their art work via ‘niche’ curated collections to its readers. Ramesh Gorjala, Vivek Kumavat, Nagesh Gaud, Nitin Ghangrekhar, HR Das, Amrutraj Koban, Subramanian Gopalswamy, Paramesh Paul are some of the few known artists Housethome have collaborated with in the past. “Our strength is the fact, that we thoroughly understand the requirements, likes, tastes, budgets, design styles and preferences of our buyers before we work with them and offer them a niche, curated collection that suits their requirements” shares Ashokh Bharggav, COO.