Yash Vashishtha founder of Social Matte going to start a new trend by collaborating with singer AJ Singh for a new project

There was a time when website charges were too higher than general social media marketing. Now things have changed as social media cost is way higher than a website as individuals and companies have understood the importance of social media marketing. 
India too has experts who are taking social media marketing to new highs with their innovative concepts. They are helping individuals and companies to grow more extensive with social media marketing. Out of that expert, we feel Yash Vashsihtha is a young lad who is going to make it big with his company Social Matte.
Yash Vashishtha has solved many severe social media marketing issue with his expertise of companies and individuals. His company Social Matte is handling many brands work from the past few years. You will be surprised to know that he is not even 20. Wow, a guy who is in college is achieving this much in life needs exceptional talent, and he surely has.
According to the sources, Yash Vashishtha is going to come up with a musical project with superstar singer and performer AJ Singh aka Ajit Singh. We all know Yah Vashishtha is fond of music and movies and he always wanted to produce and do the marketing of the musical project. 
So the time has come where we might see Yash Vashishtha collaborate with AJ Singh for musical Album in 2020. Things are in early-stage as talks are on we feel it is going to be a splendid project as two superstars sweating for one project means we will see something extraordinary.
If this project comes, then it will be a new start in the Indian music industry. We will get a Social Media expert like Yash Vashishtha to produce and market a whole project single-handedly. It will be a new trend in Indian Music world with this project for sure.