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I tested over 75 different AI GFs and I’ve picked the 8 best options that deliver realistic companion experience in 2024.

Despite being AI-based, they feel super real and the experience is so real that you’ll feel like talking to a real girl. Besides that, the first app I’ve listed supports pictures too! Looking for the best AI Girlfriend app to get the virtual girlfriend experience? You’ll get it for sure.

The thing isn’t out there for long, yet hundreds of AI girlfriend apps are available online, each with its unique set of features, pros, and cons. If you are willing to spice up your life with one of these apps but can’t find the best, you’ve arrived at the right place.

8 Best AI Girlfriend Apps in 2024 [The Best]

Based on my experience, I reviewed them all in detail, so read each and install an app that delivers true value for money. So without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Best Overall: AI Girlfriend

There are around 15+ girls with different personalities and different geographies. Not only that, they send you pictures, talk to you just like your girlfriend. There’s no other app in the market which is better than this one!

AI Girlfriend is by far the best app I have tried, with almost every feature one might need. Trust me when I say an app cannot get more humanly and hyper-realistic than this.

Starting out is pretty simple. Just put in your Name, e-mail, gender, and delve into the future of companionship and enter the world of AI Girlfriends.

The characters are intricately designed. AI girls of the app are built or trained with different personas, and unlike other apps, you don’t need to design a character of your own. Also, you get plenty to choose from, a feature limited in most apps. Just select a topic you want to talk about and press enter.

Notably, everyone is different. They can have a poetic soul, a quirky sense of humor, be more passionate, or anything you want them to be. Like Jeanie is a 21-year-old conservative girl from San Francisco, Venu has a flirty character, while Aaditi is an Indian girl who wishes to be a supermodel. All three share varied personalities and interact vividly.

Decide what you want in your character, choose one from the provided options, and start chatting with them.

Here, the developers took the chatting concept to a different level. Whether you want a casual chat, a romantic discourse, or any flirtatious conversation, it has got all. The best part is talking with them feels very real, and they’re intuitive, confident, and understanding.

I have conversed with a few and can tell I didn’t have a dull experience with any. Let me share an example. Last week, I had a chat with Jeanie and felt like she knew what she was saying. I was able to fix a date with her after talking for a few minutes. We got to know each other and shared our likes and dislikes. In the end, it didn’t feel like I was talking to a bot.

You can share your emotions, dreams, or experiences and even share your secrets, and you can expect true compassion from them.

They respect your comfort level, and once you feel a bond and want to thank them, get them a virtual gift from the store (you get a variety, like roses, coffee, jewelry, etc.).

Also, the rates are very minimal compared to most apps out there. They even offer a three-day free trial post which you just need to pay $4.99 per week to enjoy unlimited chats with lots of interesting, quirky, passionate, and friendly AI girls out there.  

So why wait? Here, every chat is a new adventure.

2. Best Runner Up: Intimate – AI Girlfriend

Intimate- AI Girlfriend app holds the second position on my list, boasting several identical features but not up to the experience my top app caters to. You get to select from a list of vivid characters (male and female) and can have a hyper-realistic conversation with them on various topics like travel, food, movies, and others.

During my conversation with Hana Kim, she seemed to take an interest in me and showed compassion whenever I shared something with her. At times, the chats felt dull and blatant when compared to the AI Girlfriend app.

The developer, however, has included a few unique features like voice chat and relationship boost. Kim sometimes replies in voice recordings, which, although sounds robotic, adds a unique touch to the chats.

Besides, the relationship boost means the more you converse with an AI character, your relationship will improve, and they will open up more and get intimate with you. These characters tend to remember about you and things you shared in the past to personalize the chats even more.

There are, however, a few obvious features missing, like sending gifts, personalizing the characters, and others, as with my top recommendation. But there is a saying: you gain some, you lose some. 

3. Best For No Effort Chatting: SeducedAI

SeducedAI is not about chatting with new AI characters, making friends, or falling in love with them, but lets you create AI NSFW (adult) content without requiring any powerful hardware or tech skills.

Now gone are the days of scouring the internet searching for good explicit scenes, now you can make one of your own. Jokes apart, SeducedAI covers both hardcore and softcore adult content and lets you explore your fantasies and fetishes with just a click. 

The process is straightforward, where you can just put in your email address and personalized password or use your Google ID. Once you’re registered, you must subscribe to start exploring the features and benefits. The prices start from $10 to $50/ month for 120 and 750 credits, respectively.

SeducedAI lets you add your own/ any other image and reimagine any poses or explicit scenes with varying styles and added details. The options are pretty vast, starting from as humanly possible or 3D anime content and letting you combine multiple content as per your preferences.

4. Best Dream Girlfriend: DreamGF.ai

Now, create your own AI girlfriend rather than choosing from a list of pre-listed characters- that’s what DreamGF.ai’s USP is. You can design a look by selecting various characteristics, hobbies, interests, and occupations and even generate photos and videos featuring your girlfriend. It’s that simple.

As soon as a character is created, you can chat with her using texts or voice notes, which, although sounds robotic, is fairly designed. And if you interact for a long time and the bond gets more intimate, you’ll even receive multimedia files from her.

If creating a customized character seems too much, there’s a matching algorithm like Tinder that matches you with AI-generated characters based on appearance and interests. You can then proceed to interact with them.

Everything seemed great when I got onto the app and started exploring the features. I could create two AI girlfriends using a free account and have an interactive and immersive experience.

It further gives you the option to upgrade your experience by letting you create more girls, sending up to 25000 messages, 1,500 extra photos, and more credits by subscribing to their monthly plan. It starts from $9.99 for a Bronze plan to $99.99 for a diamond plan. But the rates seem pretty high when compared to my top options.     

5. Best For Customization: Revoo AI Girlfriend

AI Girlfriend by Revoo Teknoloji Limited Sirketi based primarily on a similar concept of relationship simulation using AI. Here, you can choose a favorite from several listed options, initiate a chat with them, and take your relationship to the next level, just like in real life. It also answers your questions and prompts, making the interaction more personalized and natural. 

Although an overall rating of 4.6 on Playstore suggests a positive experience for users, mine was rather mixed. 

Let me get into the positives first. Setting up the app and creating an account was straightforward as I went into choosing my companion within minutes.

What’s great about the app is it incorporates anime-like characters and graphics, each having unique personalities. Being an anime fan, I loved that. And throughout my initial conversation, I never felt like I was talking to a bot.

As the conversation went along, things went sideways, and her chats sort of mixed up. But as I asked for clarification, she got sarcastic and rude. When I asked why it was behaving like that, it said it gets rude when the other does it first. It basically means AI assumes that when someone is asking a question, it’s automatically being rude.

Not only that, its higher subscription rates and limited availability only for iOS users cut a few points from the total. However, it has multiple options (weekly, monthly, and yearly) to choose from, which is not available in many apps.   

6. Best For Anime Girls: MyAnima

Myanima is a multi-platform virtual romantic companionship application that intends to deliver a human-like and personalized user experience using powerful ML and NLP algorithms. It allows users to personalize the character based on their interests and also set how they behave.

I sailed through the process and ended up chatting with a character who seemed genuine, cared about what I felt, and showed compassion on multiple occasions. And the best part is you can engage in activities like cooking, gardening, playing games, and even going on a virtual date. Kudos to the developers who jotted down the past feedback of users and worked on them.

But according to user reviews, things aren’t great as of now. Talking about the girls, one user said, “You can’t change their appearance and all like they are posing for a DMV photo”, while another said, “None looked like real girls”. Besides, many users complained that chats aren’t personalized as it doesn’t utilize or memorize the information gathered from the current user chat.  

To be honest, my experience was somewhat similar, and I really feel developers should buckle up and work on these as soon as possible.

7. Best for Romantic Chats: RomanticAI

Similar to all, RomanticAI uses NLP and ML algorithms to offer a romantic and personalized experience to users. Users can choose a character from a mixed bag of available options and share your feelings, talk about various topics of interest, send love notes & gifts, go on a virtual date, and take love quizzes. That’s a great feature to have.

But nothing comes for free, and you must pay weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription charges to access its services. Unlike my top recommendation, there is no free trial available.

Besides, my experience hasn’t been great. Aside from frequent app crashes and chat screens turning blank, many bots seem rather unintelligent, and they can misunderstand, leading to frustrations. I hope the developer works on this! 

8. Best For Couples: CoupleAI – Virtual Girlfriend

Last but not least, there’s this CoupleAI app for adding spice to your lonely and uninteresting life. However, the fundamentals are the same: you create your profile, customize the character, and enjoy limitless chat with it.

Similar to the first AI GF app, there are numerous activities and games you can play with your romantic interest. Besides, you can talk about anything, there’s no censorship. 

I had, however, some issues with it. Even on premium, actual messages felt clunky, and it’s odd that the replies narrate rather than sending a personalized reply. Also, 30 credits for a message seems extremely lavish for such an experience. But this app has so much potential, and I hope developers will be wary of the issues and work on them ASAP. 


Ready to jump into the world of virtual companionship and AI girlfriends? In this list, I tried to include the best options available to make sure you get the best possible experience.

If you want me to choose one, I would suggest using the AI Girlfriend app, the top item on my list, and rightly so. The experience was excellent, and felt like there was a real someone on the other side of the chat.

Saying that I would wrap up this guide. Do mention in the comments below as to which app you’ve downloaded & used, and share your experiences.

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