From Eric to Victoria: A Successful and Triumphant Gender Reassignment Surgery by Dr. Vinod Vij, Leading Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai

Last Updated 21 December 2023, 07:04 IST

Gender reassignment surgery plays a vital role in helping individuals who are not in alignment with their assigned gender at birth. It is also known as gender affirmation surgery, and an expert plastic surgeon is most qualified to perform it.

Gender reassignment surgery is a transformative surgery that involves reconstructing and/or redefining the physical aspects of the human body to look male-like or female-like, as the case may be, through a series of surgeries

Recently, ClinicSpots, a leading medical tourism and doctor discovery company, helped Mr. Eric, a young American male, to undergo gender reassignment surgery in India. He had approached many gender reassignment experts worldwide despite the presence of many such experts in the USA.

Despite the geographical distance between the two countries exceeding 8400 miles, he hoped to zero down upon a dedicated plastic surgeon veteran with proven expertise in such surgeries with successful outcomes. They introduced him to Dr Vinod Vij, a leading plastic surgeon in Mumbai with over 30 years of experience.

After considerable research and consultations, he chose to go ahead with Dr Vinod Vij for his gender reassignment surgery in India; Thailand was the other alternative. Eric decided to overcome gender dysphoria, i.e. distress regarding their confusion over their gender and life. He wished to proceed with gender reassignment surgery to acquire a female body and renew his confidence levels, too.

Dr Vinod Vij, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Mumbai, India, states,’ As a plastic surgeon, I help patients to align their physical appearance with their preferred gender identity through a gender reassignment surgery. I am committed to serving and supporting my patients during their transformation journey. I always aim to customize the procedures to ensure these outcomes are aesthetically satisfying to the patients. Also, they experience a boost in their image, confidence and sexual wellness.’

Dr Vinod Vij discussed and explained in detail every procedure essential for male-to-female gender reassignment surgery with Eric before proceeding. The entire transformation journey took nearly six months. As Eric explains, the body contouring surgery was the first one in which breast augmentation enhanced the fullness and shape of the breasts. Body contouring in transgender patients involves altering the skeleton structure and/or overlying soft tissues or a combination of both.

After a week, Dr Vij performed the first facial surgery, which included rhinoplasty to reshape the nose, forehead, and hairline. Two weeks later, during the second facial surgery, he reshaped the eyes, the cheeks and the mouth. After a 3 – 4 weeks gap, Eric underwent ear and shoulder reduction surgery to reduce the width of male shoulders, which are usually broader than female shoulders.

Eric, now Victoria, is very pleased with the new feminine look after gender reassignment surgery. She looks slimmer, svelte and more feminine than her male version. Victoria is at peace with her fresh face and image. She states that Dr Vinod Vij is an excellent plastic surgeon who takes pain to reduce the anxiety levels of the patient and their apprehensions related to the outcome of the surgery. The entire series of gender reassignment surgeries lasted six to eight months, and Dr Vij was a thorough professional during the whole period. She adds that Dr Vinod Vij counsels patients and ensures they are optimistic about the entire transformative surgery and journey.

 Dr Vinod Vij, a leading plastic surgeon in Mumbai, India and founder of Clinique Aesthetica, states that gender reassignment is a surgical marvel as it helps people who feel trapped in gender at birth. It gives them a new identity they are comfortable with and relate to.

About Dr Vinod Vij

Dr Vinod Vij is an expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon with over 30 years of experience in image-enhancing and reconstructive surgeries. He has delivered excellent results in facelift procedures, FUE hair transplant procedures, tummy tuck surgeries including liposuction, lipectomy, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation, gender assignment surgeries, gynecomastia, breast augmentation surgeries, and so on.

He has established Clinique Aesthetica in Navi Mumbai to serve people with the latest cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries. His clinic is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and medical facilities. He is a patient-centric doctor who works to deliver the best possible customized results from his surgical procedures.

Contact Dr Vinod Vij

Email: drvinodvij@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 981 9414276/ 9920130351

Nerul Clinic

Clinique Aesthetica,

Shreeji Plaza, Anurag Hospital,

Seawoods Bridge, Sector 25,

Nerul, Navi Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400706

Vashi Clinic

415, Clinique Aesthetica,

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(Published 21 December 2023, 07:04 IST)

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