How to Sell Feet Pics: Real Advice From A Seller

Last Updated 19 July 2023, 14:06 IST

My name’s Rachel and I’m one of thousands of people who benefited from selling feet pics.

While I made a tonne of money in the end, at the start I was scammed and didn’t quite exactly have a pleasant time. The more experience I acquired and the more I learned about the industry, the better prepared I was to spot red flags, protect myself, and market my work for the biggest paydays.

My story is unique, though. I wasn’t scammed in the traditional way. No one stole my credit card information or tried opening a bank account using my name. No, I was stalked online while simply trying to make a living. But this story does have a happy ending because once I took back control, I was able to make a ton of money safely and securely – all by selling feet pics online!

This is my story. Follow it to avoid the mistakes I did and learn how to make money from selling feet pics without risking your safety or well-being.

About Me

I’d like to think I’m your average college student. I live with two roommates, work part-time, and struggle every day to pay off my student loans. After months of sleep deprivation, failing a handful of important exams, and missing my rent, I said enough is enough! I needed a better, more efficient way to make some money – and fast.

I overheard my roommate talking about her OnlyFans page and how she made a few hundred dollars selling pictures of her feet. It sounded too good to be true, plus, I promised my parents and boyfriend that I’d never start an OnlyFans page. So, my excitement over the potential to make easy money quickly turned into disappointment.

That is, until I discovered there are actually websites dedicated to selling feet pics! Who knew? A quick Google search brought up a few different sites but I decided to go with the one I’d heard most about. Admittedly, I found the site overwhelming and confusing to use. But once I finally figured it out and made a few sales, I never received my money. They froze my funds, ghosted all my emails, and wouldn’t honor my withdrawal request. To say it was a nightmare would be an understatement.

Then, I decided to try selling my feet pics on social media. Another big mistake! Not only do most platforms like Instagram and Facebook make it impossible to do, but, there’s zero protection against scammers and stalkers. And, sadly, I found this out the hard way.

After gaining a pretty decent following and negotiating a few foot pic sales via private message on Instagram, one buyer just wouldn’t leave me alone. Because my account had my real name attached to it, he was able to find me on all of my other social media accounts and started sending me dozens of messages a day!

Fast forward to the present day and I had to delete all of my social media accounts and all my hard work along with it. At this point, I was beyond frustrated and almost ready to give up on the whole idea but I decided to stick with it and I’m so glad I did. Now, I’m hoping that my story and my mistakes can help others avoid these pitfalls and make money selling their foot content safely.

How I Got Scammed

The first mistake I made when I first started out was using my real name. The second was trying to sell feet pics on social media.

First of all, if you want to sell foot pics online, I suggest remaining anonymous for several reasons. One, it’s easy! People are paying for pictures of your feet and maybe your lower leg, not your face or even your body. Selling anonymously also means the opportunity to create an alias, alter ego, or persona that’s completely different from your everyday personality. If you ever wanted to lead a double life, now’s your chance. Plus, it’s fun to role-play and pretend to be someone else.

Second, you can rake in the cash without anyone ever knowing. Not your friends, your family, your boss, your neighbors – no one. That means the money is yours to stash away and use however you want and it saves you explaining yourself. But lastly (and the biggest reason I should’ve used an alias) was that it protects your identity.

The Internet is riddled with scammers and hackers looking to steal your name, banking information, and other personal details. When you use your real name to sell feet pics and then add a photo of your face, you’re basically begging to be taken advantage of. Most foot pic websites let you use an alias or create a unique username. Don’t share your details via private messenger either, no matter how nice or charming a buyer might seem.

Second, avoid selling foot pics on social media. If my story about getting stalked on Instagram wasn’t enough, the truth is, there are far too many risks involved with selling foot content on social media. From strict community guidelines to unsecured payment methods, you’re literally at the mercy of your followers with no protection. One of the hardest parts about closing down my social media accounts after getting harassed was that my following, content, and hard work all got deleted. That’s time I’ll never get back.

My suggestion is to use social media for advertising and as a way to drive traffic to your sales pages, whether that be your own website, your OnlyFans page, or your account on a reputable foot pic platform like FunwithFeet.com.

Things Took a Turn for the Better!

So, you might be wondering why after all of this, I kept trying to find a way to safely sell my feet pics online. Call it hard-headedness or stupidity, but I was determined to find a way. And that’s when I decided to try a different approach.

I knew that my best bet was using a foot pic website or marketplace for several reasons. One, they bring interested buyers directly to you with minimal overhead. Two, they usually offer safeguards against scammers and some form of payment protection. Three, it takes the guesswork out of the entire process. Now, it was just a matter of finding the right platform.

When you search “foot pics'' online, a bunch of different websites pop up likeFeetify, and FunwithFeet. I suggest you explore each one until you find the right fit for you. Just be sure to read other users’ reviews, check out how much they charge to use the site, and if they keep a percentage of your sales. It’s hard enough to make money online and then they take 20% of your sales and charge you a monthly subscription fee on top of that. It’s ridiculous!

But, with a little tenacity, time, and patience, I was able to find a reliable platform for my foot content and an efficient way to actually make some money without overworking myself or getting duped.

Where I Made the Most Money and How

Introducing – FunwithFeet.com! Now, listen – there are PLENTY of foot pic marketplaces out there and you may find one is a better fit for you, but personally, FunwithFeet.com offered the best deal, exposure, and security for me.

You also don’t need to limit yourself to just one website. Different platforms offer different perks. My roommate, for example, has a lot of success on Dollar Feet, while another seller I know does well on Feetify. It’s really about personal preference, but here’s how FunwithFeet.com elevated my foot content business to the next level!

Categories and Collections

Since I didn’t have a lot of experience selling feet pics online, larger websites were totally overwhelming, and trying to go it alone on social media left me totally clueless. FunwithFeet.com is a relatively new platform but the website is really easy to use, professional-looking, and straightforward.

After you register, you can upload your foot pics and videos into different categories and create collections or packages that make it easier to advertise and sell. The categories are pretty basic and include things like high heels and foot worship to more obscure topics like foot bondage and foot humiliation. That’s another thing I really liked about this website – when I was stumped for ideas, other sellers’ pages and the different categories available acted as creative inspiration for my own work.

Exposure for New Members

Not all foot pic marketplaces offer advertising for their sellers. In fact, most of them leave this part up to you. And while I strongly encourage you to create social media accounts specifically for your foot pic business, it’s extremely helpful when the website you’re using helps push your pics and page.

FunwithFeet.com has a “Recently Joined” section on its homepage where they highlight new seller profiles. I thought this was a really neat feature and definitely helped me land my first few sales. Other websites like Feetify also offer rewards and incentives for the most active members, so find a platform that cares about its sellers and goes the extra mile to help them (you) succeed.

Low Subscription Fees and No Commission

The best foot pic websites don’t charge a commission on your sales because they realize that this is completely unfair! Granted, they need to pay for website maintenance, advertising, and overhead, but this shouldn’t be the sellers’ problem. FunwithFeet.com lets you keep 100% of all your sales, which was a major incentive for me.

Most websites do charge a listing fee or subscription fee, which makes sense. Similar to paying for website hosting, you need to pay SOMETHING to use the website. Find a platform with a reasonable fee. I found FunwithFeet.com’s fees of $9.99 for three months and $14.99 for six months pretty fair. Be sure to check whether or not these charges are recurring as well. There’s nothing worse than your subscription renewing without you realizing it and that’s just more money down the drain.

Easy Withdrawal Process

One of my biggest issues was that they make it impossible to get your money. Not only do they make you wait 4 weeks to even request a withdrawal, but the entire process is a nightmare. If you’re anything like me and you’re relying on the money from your foot pic sales to pay your rent and other bills, you need to use a website with a reliable payment schedule and low withdrawal minimums.

FunwithFeet.com lets you request a transfer once you have $30 in your account. They also approve it within 3 to 5 days and it’s automatically deposited into your bank account. This makes it easy to budget, pay your bills, and actually take advantage of your earnings.

Great Customer Service

No online process is seamless or without its hiccups. I’ve encountered everything from being locked out of my accounts to getting harassed by buyers to issues with uploading videos and certain photos. When trouble strikes, you need assistance and you need it fast. Every minute that goes by is another potential sale or opportunity lost.

A lot of the foot pic websites I’ve tried have terrible customer service. For starters, it’s impossible to find their contact information like an email address or phone number. If you try to contact them using the online form, good luck getting a response! I’ve sent at least a dozen emails and contact requests and never once heard back. You can’t make money if you can’t get help when you need it most.

I’ve never had any issues with FunwithFeet.com’s customer service. Their support team is always prompt in responding to my inquiries and you can tell the staff is knowledgeable and really cares.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on FunwithFeet

●       A safe, secure, and reputable website

●       All members are verified

●       Internal and external marketing for new and experienced sellers

●       Private and secure chat features to connect with other foot lovers

●       Multiple collections and categories to choose from for posting pictures and videos

●       Fast, easy, and secure withdrawals and payments

●       Affordable membership fees for sellers

●       Responsive and knowledgeable customer service

●       Professional and functional website design

●       Sporadic website glitches

●       No mobile app (currently)

What to Expect When Selling Feet Pics Online

Everyone’s experience selling foot pics online will be different. There are so many variables to consider from how often you post and what types of foot content you create to whether or not you remain anonymous. But, based on my experience, here are a few things you can expect when entering the foot pic sales game.

Time Wasters

I’d say that at least 1 out of every 5 messages I get regarding my feet pics are complete rubbish! Either it’s a bot, a creep looking for some dirty talk, or someone haggling over the price. On a good day, you’ll meet a buyer that’s willing to pay the asking price and actually pays on time.

At first, I wasted a lot of time with these people not realizing they had no real intentions of ever making a purchase. I was so excited to make my first sale and attract a buyer that I thought nothing of chatting with them for days on end and answering all of their questions. That is, until I asked if they were finally ready to make a purchase and they ghosted me.

The best advice I can offer is to be aware of the warning signs of time wasters and scammers. This includes things like repeated messages, interrogation-style questioning, and meaningless conversation about topics other than your foot content. I would recommend engaging in a few minutes of back-and-forth banter before redirecting the conversation to your foot content and the sale. If the “buyer” keeps avoiding the subject or won’t commit, politely end the exchange and move on.

Custom Requests and Orders

This is where the real money is made. Some of my highest sales were from custom requests and orders I received from fans of my work. Once you weed out the time wasters you can start entertaining and accepting custom orders. Just don’t be surprised or alarmed if you get some really strange requests. The weirdest thing someone asked me for was a video of me covering my feet in maple syrup. I almost refused until the buyer said he’d pay $200 for a 60-second video. It was the easiest money I ever made!

But everyone has their limits and in some situations, no amount of money is enough to go against your gut instincts. Never agree to fulfill a custom request that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. No money is worth that, however, it would benefit you to keep your options and mind open.

A Side Hustle, Not a Retirement Plan

It’s important to be realistic about your goals when selling feet pics online. If you go into it thinking you’re gonna be a millionaire or retire off your earnings, you’ll likely be disappointed. Instead, approach it like a fun new hobby that puts some extra money in your pocket or bank account.

When you don’t have expectations of your success, you won’t be let down. I started selling feet pics with a goal of making between $200 and $300 per month. This was a high estimate for a beginner and while I met this mark a few times, in other months I didn’t even come close. After about six months of selling, I can proudly say I’ve made close to $500 per month consistently for almost a year! Price your foot content competitively but reasonably, be patient, and be consistent. Selling feet pics isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme but with the right approach and a positive mind frame, it can be pretty lucrative and rewarding.

An Investment of Time and Effort (and Money)

What most people don’t realize (and no one ever told me) is that selling feet pics online requires a major investment of your time, effort, and sometimes money (depending on the subscription fees you pay, the equipment you buy, and other investments you make). In the beginning, I was spending a few hours per night taking foot pics, editing, uploading, and responding to messages and requests. And that was just for one site! If you decide to sell on multiple sites, be prepared to invest a lot of your time and energy into your work.

Another thing I was someone told me was that you won’t make money right away. This means that the time it takes you to build your profile, inventory, and customer base is an investment in your financial future because you won’t be getting reimbursed right away. It takes several weeks to start building a loyal following and making consistent sales.

But, with the right mind frame and approach, you can succeed in selling feet pics in a reasonable amount of time. Foot pic sellers should think of this investment of their time and energy the same way a startup company or business owner would view the time spent researching retail space, building their e-commerce website, ordering inventory, and marketing. Anything in life worth having takes time, effort, and work so be prepared to put in your time before you start reaping the benefits.

Other Platforms For Selling Feet Pics

My advice on how to sell feet pics is based on my personal experiences. Although what works for me may not work for you, hopefully, you can get a little inspiration from my story and create your own pathway to success.

As much as I love FunwithFeet.com and have had nothing but a positive experience selling on this site, there are others out there to consider and ones that have plenty of potential. (Aside from social media, of course!).

Here are a few other foot pic platforms that may be worth checking out.


The thing I liked most about this foot pic website is that you can earn cash rewards without selling a single image or video. Feetify gives out cash rewards to sellers who are the most engaged and active and who upload the most high-quality content regularly. Even though the cash prizes can be as low as $4, they can be as much as $100. According to the platform, they give out up to $10,000 in rewards every month.

The best part is, that you don’t need to sell a single picture to be eligible for these rewards. As a beginner still building a business and following, you can still earn money just for being consistent, which is a great feature that I haven’t seen on any other website.

One downside to Feetify is that only premium members are eligible for these cash rewards and to become one, you need to pay $49 in virtual currency. This can include cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. Before signing up on Feetify, I never used Bitcoin and had no idea how it even worked. It took a little bit of time and research to educate myself and secure the funds I needed to upgrade my account. But once I did, Feetify graciously extended my annual membership another year, free of charge.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Feetify

●       Cash awards are available for sellers even if you don’t make a sale

●       Sellers are rewarded for being active, engaged, and posting high-quality content consistently

●       A simple website design

●       Only premium members are eligible for cash rewards

●       Premium memberships cost $49 and must be paid in virtual currency

●       It is not as popular as other foot pic websites, which means fewer sales and exposure

●       No mobile app

Feet Lovers Only

If you’re a true foot enthusiast, you’ll love this website. Feet Lovers Only is a welcoming, judgment-free community of foot fetishists from all walks of life (pun intended). I met some great people on this platform and learned so much about the foot pic industry. Registering on Feet Lovers Only is free and easy, unfortunately you need to upgrade to a paid subscription plan if you want to get the most out of its features.

That’s another downside to this website – the subscription fees aren’t cheap. One month costs $15.99 or you can pay $69.99 for six months. After you pay these fees, though, you’ll unlock all of the platform’s tools and also keep 100% of your sales. Knowing this payment structure upfront makes it easier to create a spending budget and set your foot pic prices. Feet Lovers Only also helps new sellers and top-ranking sellers attract more buyers. The homepage features the top-ranked sellers for the week and all newcomers, which is great exposure if you’re just starting out.

Another awesome feature of Feet Lovers Only is that you can post and sell tangible items like your used socks and shoes, stockings, hosiery, and more. Features like seller Q&A sessions, polls, and interviews help boost your brand and attract more buyers. One thing to keep in mind is that Feet Lovers Only doesn’t offer a secure payment method. Instead, it acts like a meeting place for foot enthusiasts. Once you attract a buyer, you’ll need to discuss and agree on a payment method and delivery schedule. This can get frustrating if you meet a buyer who’s unwilling to negotiate or work with you. I had this happen to me several times and actually had to abort a few sales because the client was being so difficult.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Feet Lovers Only

●       New sellers and top-performing sellers are advertised on the site’s homepage

●       The ability to sell real items beyond just feet pics

●       A welcoming community of like-minded foot enthusiasts

●       Interactive questions and interviews to boost engagement

●       Higher than average subscription fees

●       Buyers and sellers have to agree on a payment method

●       The website doesn’t offer protection against scammers or deals gone bad

●       It is not as popular as other foot pic websites

●       No mobile app


Even though I wasn’t selected to sell on DollarFeet, I think the website is worth mentioning. Unlike the other foot pic websites I’ve dealt with, not everyone is approved to sell on DollarFeet and this platform is known primarily for its foot videos rather than pictures. It also has a rigorous application process where you have to input a ton of personal information and details, plus upload photos of your face and body. Since I like to sell anonymously on some outlets, this wasn’t really an option for me but if you’re comfortable with this requirement, it may be worth a shot.

All applicants need to upload a 5-10-minute video that showcases their best work. The website will then review both your video and your application before deciding whether or not you make the cut. Only about 10% of applicants make it, so the competition is extremely fierce. And you’re only paid for your video if you’re selected. The basic payout for a video is $10 but some buyers and clients are willing to pay more.

Another unique feature of DollarFeet is that sellers don’t communicate directly with buyers. Instead, you sell your content to the platform and they deal with the customers. If you’re like me and making small talk or communicating with strangers makes you uncomfortable, DollarFeet offers the perfect solution. If your application is selected, that is.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on DollarFeet

●       Consistent income once you establish a loyal clientele

●       No direct contact between buyers and sellers, which cuts out the middleman

●       Fast and secure payments

●       No need to self-promote or market your work

●       An extensive application process with no guarantees you’ll be approved

●       Applicants are only paid if the video is accepted

●       The application asks for lots of personal details including a photo of your face and body, making it difficult to remain anonymous


If you’re anything like me, you’ve bought at least a few things on Etsy before. From decorations and gifts to handmade items, clothes, and jewelry, Etsy is a virtual treasure trove of unique and beautiful creations – including feet pics. If you didn’t know that you could sell feet pics on Etsy, you’re not alone. I had no idea this e-commerce platform supported the sale of feet pics but once I discovered it, I took full advantage.

I love the artistic feel of Etsy and the fact that the site celebrates your uniqueness, creativity, and personal touch. What better place to showcase your breathtaking foot pics? But before you head over to this website, you should understand how it works. Foot pics are sold in two different versions – as print-on-demand or digital downloads.

As the name suggests, digital downloads work just like foot pics on other websites. You upload them to your page, and a buyer sees and wants them, pays for them, and downloads them directly to their personal device. Prints on demand, on the other hand, take things back to the old-school method of selling photographs and require sellers to print and mail tangible prints. According to Etsy, both types of foot pics are in equal demand. If you don’t mind printing and mailing your work, I recommend offering both types of content. Just be sure to add shipping fees to your listing price.

When it comes to fees and commissions, Etsy’s overhead is pretty minimal. All items incur a small listing fee of $0.20 and a 5% commission. As affordable as these may be, it’s still important to budget these into your overall costs. I found that adding specific tags and targeted keywords to my listings also helped boost their visibility and increase my chances of landing a sale. Keywords like “foot pics”, “feet pictures”, and “bare feet” are a good place to start and generate thousands of results. Unfortunately, they aren’t always for feet pics so buyers may need to do some digging and extra legwork (no pun intended) to find your content. Help them get there faster by adding several relevant keywords and tags to your work.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Etsy

●       A well-established and trusted platform with a dedicated customer base

●       A welcoming place for creative minds and artistic beauty

●       Low listing fees and commissions

●       Secure payment methods

●       Not a dedicated foot pic platform

●       It can be difficult to get your foot pics noticed or seen

●       Search results aren’t always relevant


Another creative outlet for your foot content, if photography is your thing, Foap can be a useful app for selling feet pics. I’m not an experienced photographer nor do I claim to be. I take most of my foot pics on my smartphone and use basic editing tools. Foap is a platform for artists and photographers from all over the world and all different niches – including feet. Using Foap for your foot content it's a toss-up. For starters, the commission fees are some of the highest in the industry at 50%. The app claims these fees cover international advertising, maintenance, and other “housekeeping” expenses but I didn’t love the idea of losing half of my money right out of the gate.

Second, Foap is a photography app for every niche and category you could possibly think of and attracts millions of people from around the world. While this might sound like a positive thing (and it is, in some ways), it can also be an extremely overwhelming and oversaturated market. Making a name for yourself as a reputable foot pic seller and finding serious buyers for your work on such a widely used and popular app could prove quite difficult or even impossible. You also need to adhere to Foap’s strict guidelines for uploading photos including certain size requirements and quality. Foap won’t accept pictures that include your face or are blurred or poor quality.

If you’re up for the challenge, you could expand your reach and your customer base by selling on Foap but I would recommend only using this app in combination with a dedicated foot pic website like FunwithFeet where you’re more likely to land multiple sales.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Foap

●       Access to an international market of sellers

●       Emphasis on the beauty and quality of your work

●       Strict requirements for uploaded photos

●       High commission fees of 50%

●       Not a dedicated foot pic website

Stock Photo Websites

If you’re looking for steady income (even if it’s not a lot of money) and prefer creating mainstream foot pics that aren’t overly explicit or in-depth, you can sell your work to stock photo websites. Sites like Shutterstock, Depositphotos, and Dreamstime will pay you for your foot pics and add them to their database. When someone searches the site for “foot pics” or another more specific type of foot pic (i.e. feet in sandals, dirty feet), and your work comes up, if they download it, you get paid.

Some stock photo websites work differently and involve a flat payment for rights to the image and then annual royalties. I recommend doing your research before committing to a certain platform since these fees can vary greatly from as little as $30 for all rights to a photo to as much as $3.000! I found that Shutterstock, Getty Images, and iStock pay their creators the most and are the fairest.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while stock photo sites primarily want generic, beautiful, and basic foot pics, you can still get a little creative and even sexy with your work. A quick search on these databases might bring up sexy high-heel photos, bare feet on a bed, or even feet in fishnet stockings.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Stock Photo Websites

●       A global customer base of legitimate buyers

●       Fast, easy, and secure payments

●       Easy to upload photos for sale

●       Plenty of websites and options to choose from

●       No need to haggle or negotiate with buyers

●       Passive income and royalties

●       The ability to post and sell on multiple websites

●       Some websites have low payout rates

●       No guarantee that your photos will sell

●       Some content is more mainstream and less sexy or creative

Personal Website

Although I never launched my own website for my foot pics, I’ve always wanted to and still think about doing it one day. When you have your own foot pic platform, you’re in total control of your sales, success, content, and pricing. You can design the website, choose the layout and color scheme, pick your favorite payment system, and set your prices.

Although controlling all aspects of your foot pic business sounds exciting, it’s also a lot of responsibility and it can get pretty costly. Before you can launch your website you need to pay for a domain name and hosting service. You’ll need to invest time and money into marketing and future website maintenance. Although you can use the payment system of your choosing, there’s little to no protection against scammers and hackers. If things go wrong with a sale, you have to handle it yourself. This is different than on a website or platform like FunwithFeet where the customer service team can intervene and help you settle the dispute.

You also need to brush up on your knowledge of website maintenance, address any loading issues or website glitches, and keep your platform running smoothly at all times. This can be a lot of work and more demanding than some foot pic sellers realize.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on a Personal Website

●       Complete control over your sales and content

●       No restrictions on payments, listings, or pricing

●       A higher initial investment for a domain name and web hosting

●       Added responsibility and work to maintain a safe and reliable platform

●       The need for additional marketing and promotions to increase traffic

●       No customer service team to help with disputes or dissatisfied customers

Pro Tips for Taking High-Quality Foot Pics

Once you figure out where you want to sell your foot pics (I still recommend FunwithFeet above all others), you can start investing your time and effort into taking high-quality foot pics. Remember, you get what you pay for – even when it comes to selling feet pics. Buyers won’t pay top dollar for blurry poor-quality photos, rushed, or unprofessional. Customers can tell the difference between a photo that was taken with care and effort and one that was snapped in a second on your iPhone and uploaded without a second thought.

I learned this quickly as some potential buyers had a lot to say about my “sloppy work”. While these comments hurt at first, I used them as constructive criticisms and realized they were right. Taking an objective look at my foot pics, I was able to improve the quality of my work and increase my sales. Once you figure out how to take high-quality foot pics you can also start charging more and making more.

Here are some tips that I’ve acquired since starting my foot pic journey. Maybe they’ll help you, too!

Practice Poses, Positions, and Angles

Practice makes perfect. Taking foot pics is a lot more involved and complex than just taking a quick pic on your smartphone and posting it online. In the same way that models pose in front of the camera or a mirror for practice and work to find their “best side” or angle, you need to do the same with your feet.

How much do you really know about your feet? Have you ever thought about how they move, look from certain angles, bend, or flex? Not many people take the time to examine their feet in this way. But when you do and start experimenting with different poses, positions, and angles, you’ll quickly discover which positions compliment your feet best and showcase your best features like long toes or high arches.

I practice in front of a mirror but also by taking different photos and going back to review them. What you think looks good may not actually translate into the final product, which is another reason why I recommend editing all of your foot pics (more on this below).

Here are some of the most common and flattering foot picture positions and poses to try.

●       The tops of the feet looking down from above in a standing position

●       The tops of the feet looking up from a lying position

●       The bottoms of the feet

●       Focus on the toes

●       High arches

●       Flat feet

●       Feet stacked on top of one another

●       Feet crossed at the ankles

●       Toes curls or bent

Play around with your feet, toes, and body to find which angles and positions are more flattering. Then incorporate these into your foot pics. One thing to avoid is using the same position all the time. Even if you have a favorite or one that’s most flattering, it’s important to switch it up and keep your customers guessing and on their toes (literally!).

Give Your Feet a Makeover

I never got regular pedicures or thought too much about how my feet looked – until I started taking and selling feet pics. Turns out, most buyers want beautiful feet with smooth skin, trimmed toenails, and no unsightly bumps, warts, or imperfections. I mean, can you blame them? Plus, if you want to add accessories and other props to your foot pics, you want a clean, blank canvas to work with.

I get a pedicure every 2 weeks and in the meantime, practice at-home foot care like applying moisturizer at night, using a pumice stone to keep my heels from cracking, and filing my toenails so they’re short, shapely, and sexy. You don’t need to invest a ton of money or time in your foot care routine, you just need to give your feet a little TLC. I’ve also dabbled in dirty feet pics which meant covering them with mud, dirt, and sometimes food. But even then, what was hidden beneath the dirt were beautiful and healthy tootsies.

Invest in Accessories and Props

Speaking of adding props and accessories to your foot pics, if you want to attract a diverse customer base and cater to different clientele, you need to switch things up. Taking the same old foot pics on your bed or in the shower just won’t cut it. I learned this pretty quickly when I saw how complex and creative some of my competitor’s foot pics were (more on this later).

Start small. Take foot pics in your favorite shoes or wear foot jewelry like toe rings or an ankle bracelet. Just make sure the shoes you wear are either open-toed or open enough that they don’t cover or hide the best parts of your feet. You can also use props like flowers, gemstones, ribbons, ropes, and other things lying around your house. Remember, though, these accessories should add personality and appeal to your foot pics, not steal the spotlight. Your feet should always be the main focus of your pictures.

You can also add variety by using different backgrounds. Inside your house, take pictures on different surfaces or materials like your leather couch, a set of silk sheets, or a velvet pillow. Your shower floor, outside walkway, or grasswork work too! Experiment with what colors and textures work best. If you’re doing it right, taking different foot pics in various locations should be fun, not stressful.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Once you get a feel for taking quality foot pics and you learn your best angles and poses, you can upgrade your equipment. While this isn’t a must, it does offer some benefits. The first thing most people upgrade is their camera. Smartphones take some pretty great pictures and offer basic tools for editing, adjusting the lighting, and adding filters. But if you want more options or a more professional look, consider buying a digital camera. I got a cheap one from a local photography shop and now I love it. You can zoom in and out, capture panoramic photos, and store all of your feet pics in one place before uploading them to your computer or tablet.

You may also want to buy a ring light or another type of LED light. I never realized how important lighting was for capturing feet pics. Ring lights help reduce shadows and unwanted imperfections while also adding dimension and highlighting the curves and lines of your feet. Again, none of these items are must-haves, but if you think your foot pic business is at a standstill and you want to upgrade, they might be worth the investment.

Edit, Edit, Edit!

This is a step that a lot of foot content creators skip and it couldn’t be a bigger mistake. Trust me, I’ve been called out numerous times for posting photos that were either blurry, had errors or imperfections, or had random items in the background that was an eyesore. If you don’t review and edit your foot pics before posting them, you could embarrass yourself, tarnish your reputation, and lose out on major sales.

Editing your foot pics doesn’t take long, either. Spend a few minutes reviewing your pictures and making sure that everything is the best it can be. Free editing tools like Adobe are great for this sort of thing. You can also edit them on your phone. While it’s fine to apply filters to your feet pics sometimes, I wouldn’t recommend adding anything overly filtered or clearly edited. People want natural foot pics. Once you start adding or doing too much, people get suspicious and it takes away from the authenticity of your work.

My Top Tips for Selling the Most Feet Pics

Taking high-quality foot pics and choosing the best platforms to showcase your work are two important pieces of the foot pic puzzle. But if you want to succeed long-term and make the biggest bang for your buck, there are a few more things you should know.

Consistency is Key

You can’t drop the ball on your foot pic business. With such a saturated market and stiff competition, it doesn’t take long for someone else to swoop in and steal your customers. You also need to stay relevant and the best way to do this is by posting often. When I started to get overwhelmed with posting and answering customer messages, I decided it was time to create a schedule. I dedicated a certain day each week to taking foot pics, then another day for editing them, and I posted consistently every 2 weeks. My loyal fans and followers quickly learned about my schedule and would look forward to my new content. Posting high-quality foot pics, consistently, is another way to build your brand and reputation and ensure that your foot pics sales continue to soar.

Be Flirty, but Professional

Communicating with customers and being personable is a big part of successfully selling feet pics. Not all sellers engage in conversation with their buyers. Some simply post their content for sale and collect a paycheck. And while this works for some people, I decided to invest more of myself and go the extra mile to interact with my buyers, fill custom orders, and offer a personalized experience. For me, this was the turning point in my success.

The biggest reason being that you can charge more money for custom orders. If a potential buyer contacts you and wants a very specific type of foot pic or video that involves added props or accessories, including their name or wearing a certain shoe, or taking the picture in a certain place or position, you can request a lot more money. After all, you’re the one going the extra mile to create the perfect foot pic for them and if they want it bad enough, trust me, they’ll pay for it.

If you decide to entertain conversations with potential buyers, it’s important to be professional and polite but also be a little flirty and fun. You also need to protect yourself against scammers or those looking to get information out of you. It can be a tricky balance to strike but it is possible. My best piece of advice is to trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not. No sale is worth compromising your morals or your safety. If the buyer starts getting aggressive or making you uncomfortable, end the interaction. Do your best to keep the conversation on track and focused on your foot content, not your personal life. Never share details like your location, real name, address, or banking information. Anyone that asks for these details is probably up to no good.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

The more I learned about the foot pic industry, the more excited I got about exploring different websites, apps, and platforms. I wanted to expand my business as much as possible and earn the most money. However, I soon realized that I had bitten off more than I could chew. I signed up on over six different websites, opened new social media accounts, and even launched an OnlyFans page. It all became too much. I was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up with the messages and comments on all of my accounts.

Remember how I said you need to be consistent and stay relevant? This starts with updating your content regularly and responding quickly to buyer’s questions, comments, and inquiries. For me, it became impossible to keep up with it all. I was drowning and I had no one to blame but myself.

So, no matter how excited you get about your foot pic endeavors and how successful you become, stay humble and realistic. Don’t spread yourself so thin that you can’t keep up with your own business. If you can’t stick to your posting schedule, answer people’s messages in a reasonable amount of time, or maintain the quality of your content, it may be time to reassess how much you’re trying to accomplish. Being motivated and driven is great but not if it costs you your reputation.

Understand Your Target Audience

This is one of the most basic sales principles. If you don’t know and understand your target market, how are you supposed to market to them? Sure, you can post random foot pics online and sell to the first person who bites but that won’t work for long. For serious sellers looking to build a customer base and enjoy long-term success, you need to take time to get to know your target audience.

Are you selling to foot fetishists and kinksters or are you interested in creating more artistic foot pics? Do you want to sell on stock photo websites or are you sticking strictly to OnlyFans or foot pic platforms? The more you know about the industry and your audience, the better equipped you’ll be to create the type of content that fits their needs. I recommend choosing the type of content you want to create first and then researching the type of buyers that want your foot pics.

For example, if you want to take foot bondage pictures or enjoy more taboo niches like dirty feet pics or humiliation foot pics, this should be your focus. Then, join online communities and forums that are dedicated to these types of foot fetishes. You’d be amazed at what you’ll learn from other foot lovers online. The foot fetish industry is extremely welcoming, knowledgeable, and helpful. Most foot pic sellers want to see one another succeed so try viewing your competitors as a resource instead of a threat.

Check Out the Competition

Speaking of your competition, other foot pic sellers are a great source of creative inspiration. If I’m at a standstill with my content and I can’t think of any new or exciting foot pics to take, I spend some time browsing other seller profiles. I look to see what type of content they’re creating, what pictures are selling the most, and how they’re pricing their content. I’m by no means suggesting that you directly copy or steal your competitor’s ideas, but I am suggesting that you see what other successful content creators are doing and then try to replicate it in your own way. Add your personality and viewpoint to the content to create something new and fresh based off of what foot pics are trending and seem to be selling the most.

Consider the Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics

The last suggestion I have on how to sell feet pics and actually make money is to weigh the pros and cons. You need to approach this online endeavor with an open mind and armed with all the necessary information. I make pros and cons lists for most major decisions in my life and so, here is my list for the pros and cons of selling feet pics so you can get a complete picture of what the practice has to offer and what some of the potential downfalls may be.


●       It’s empowering

●       You can explore your creativity and talent

●       It’s easy and cheap to get started

●       You don’t need much experience

●       You get to meet new people and learn from them

●       Endless potential for success and sales

●       You can sell feet pics from anywhere with an Internet connection

●       A great way to make extra money on the side or from home

●       You can sell anonymously

●       It’s fun!


●       Not a consistent source of income

●       You’re at risk of getting scammed or your information being stolen

●       It’s considered taboo or controversial to some people

●       It takes quite a bit of time and energy

●       There’s no guarantee you’ll make money

●       Some foot pic platforms have high commissions and membership fees

●       You may receive unsolicited comments via private message

Hopefully, this list helped open up your eyes to some aspects of the foot pic industry that you may not have considered before. And while my pros and cons list should act as a starting point, I encourage you to make your own. All of our situations and circumstances are different, so what works for me may not work for you or what I view as a con may be something you love about selling feet pics.

At the end of the day, this is your brand, your business, and your dream! Make it fun but also take it seriously and I can almost guarantee you that it will be a rewarding and lucrative experience that you won’t regret. Good luck!

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(Published 19 July 2023, 14:04 IST)

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