Breakdown of lorry: Traffic hit for 5 hours

Breakdown of lorry: Traffic hit for 5 hours

The traffic on the Mangaluru-Bengaluru national highway was disrupted for nearly five hours after a lorry broke down at Haleera near Mani following a technical glitch.

The lorry, laden with iron rods, was travelling to Mangaluru from Bengaluru and broke down on the middle of the road at 4 am. Till 8.30 am, the vehicles had to ply beside the road. With an increase in the density of vehicles, the traffic was thrown out of gear and traffic congestion continued till 1 pm.

The traffic congestion on the stretch inconvenienced schoolchildren, college students and office-goers. It is said that a few ambulances also felt the heat of the traffic congestion. However, with the efforts of the local residents, the ambulances were allowed to pass through.

The lorry driver was missing along with the key after the vehicle broke down in the middle of the road. With the help of an earthmover, the lorry was pushed to the side of the road.

Police have seized the lorry.